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♠ [ACE JAM '19] Looking for artist(s), etc.! ♡

Posted: Sat Dec 22, 2018 7:10 pm
by crystalscm
Hi! I'm looking to enter an upcoming visual novel jam, Ace Jam, in its second round. In short, Ace Jam is a one-month jam spanning throughout the month of January where developers produce and publish a visual novel featuring asexual character(s).

The visual novel idea for this jam I currently have is based off of a YouTube series I enjoy by Jubilee. It is called Arabesque (BxG/B). As of now, I have a little bit of the "prologue", or Day 0, drafted (though Day 0 is 100% outlined).

"Are you bored? Is this black and white world what you really desire? Don't you want something more interesting? Then... let's play a game."

Nill wishes for a more eventful life. Ever since his older brother's death, he felt like the world had suddenly become monotonous. That is, until he receives a call, proposing a simple game.
He will be paired up with someone at random, and as partners, fuse talents in one week together to create something colorful.

"... I accept."

[!] WARNINGS: Mentions of suicide, death of loved ones, and bullying.

Nill Serimada
Nill is not particularly good at expressing himself in words possibly due to his shyness, but he is plenty artistic and expressive in the performing arts field. He is generally an amiable young boy, but he can't deal well with sensitive topics, especially about his older brother, Nia.

Likes | the piano, music in general, boba tea (lychee), fruit snacks, angsty movies, Nia, the LGBT community.
Dislikes | Nia, the oboe, anything and everything bitter, carrots, nosy or insensitive people, boring things, math.

Virina Lockette
As cold-hearted as she may be, Virina is the prime example of hard work paying off; she is a social media star, showing her various watercolor works. She doesn't take slacking or procrastination from others lightly, but even beneath her rough-around-the-edges exterior lies an earnest yet insecure young girl.

Likes | dedicated people, children, traveling, anime/manga, boba tea, watercolor (?), the romance genre.
Dislikes | animals, laziness, people who half-ass through things, coffee with too much sugar, English class, too much drama.

Fey Li
Fey's singing voice is one of a kind, but his personality isn't very easy to deal with. To say the least, he is childish and likes to play pranks on others without knowing the definition of "too much". Fey has very good aesthetic tastes; he isn't afraid of giving brutally honest criticisms to others about that.

Likes | fashion, Paris and Japan, OSTs, K-pop, Asian pop, any cutesy thing, themed cafes.
Dislikes | anything... not cute, uptightness, durians, stinky tofu, dark-themed stories, horror.

(Plus one more, but they are a side character.)

open roles.
ARTISTS. I can't draw to save my life (cries), so I'm looking for a background artist!

OTHER. I'm willing to hear you out if you have other skills, but note that the musician and editor role are closed for now.

This project, Arabesque, will be released for free for a jam. Therefore, I can only give a small or medium amount of monetary payment if you require it. I am mainly looking for people who are willing to work for a pretty flexible price that is not beyond my small budget if not for free.

Any monetary payment though, if agreed upon by both of us, will be given via PayPal.

If the game is not finished, that's okay. It will be released as a "demo", so to speak. However, it goes without saying that I want the team to put in the effort to try to finish it on time. If it's not done after Jan. 31, you can either continue working to make a finished product (which probably won't take long because the game is not very big to begin with, I think), or you can leave the team for this game; I can try to find new people to help finish it then. Either way, there will be no hard feelings on this.

Any work that you do for this game, you may post publicly onto your portfolio to use as samples for your future endeavors if you want.

interested? \(^▽^)/
Send an email to with a little bit about yourself (if you want) and relevant samples of your previous work or your portfolio. You can also reply to the forum here or send a DM, but I can't guarantee the quickest reply. Also, do plan on regularly using Discord and gDrive!

Thank you in advance! I look forward to hearing from you! ♠

Re: ♠ [ACE JAM '19] Looking for artist(s), etc.! ♡

Posted: Mon Dec 24, 2018 12:16 am
by crystalscm
bippety bop update

- Sprite and CG artist slot is closed. I'm now looking for a graphic (UI / logo) and/or background artist.
- Musician role is closed.
- Any other role listed in the main post now is still open.
- Remember I may be able to compensate you monetarily as long as you are open to negotiation because of budget.

Re: ♠ [ACE JAM '19] Looking for artist(s), etc.! ♡

Posted: Wed Dec 26, 2018 6:10 am
by Chanda
I can help with writing. I've been writing my own visual novel as well. I mostly write otome games

Re: ♠ [ACE JAM '19] Looking for artist(s), etc.! ♡

Posted: Wed Dec 26, 2018 9:11 am
by crystalscm
spowers161 wrote:
Wed Dec 26, 2018 6:10 am
I can help with writing. I've been writing my own visual novel as well. I mostly write otome games
Thanks so much for your interest! I will send you a DM shortly, so keep an eye out!

Re: ♠ [ACE JAM '19] Looking for artist(s), etc.! ♡

Posted: Mon Jan 07, 2019 10:11 am
by tinyqueenart
I would love to help with backgrounds, I need more practice on them so this would be a great way to get some more experience.
Here is my portfolio: