NaNoReno 2019 General Recruitment Thread

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Re: NaNoReno 2019 General Recruitment Thread

#16 Post by Namhur » Sun Feb 17, 2019 7:39 pm

Hello! I am writer looking for a team.

My preferred genre would be something along the lines of slice-of-life and fantasy, however I can be flexible if needed (although I can't do 18+ work). I also have a little scripting experience using Renpy and have made my own visual novel just recently.

My resume:
My visual novel:
Old fanfics that I wrote:

You can contact me through my email or you can just pm me here if you're interested!

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Re: NaNoReno 2019 General Recruitment Thread

#17 Post by chocochino » Mon Feb 18, 2019 4:13 am

Hi, I'm a writer looking for a team!

This will be my first NaNoReNo and I'm looking to experience developing game in short time, so at least I knew what to say to my student the next time they hit a roadblock developing with Ren'py. I'm equipped with basic Python programming, although I'll have to google a lot about things I did not understand.

I'm okay with modern AU and sci-fi/fantasy. No 18+, horror, or comedy because I can't even pull appropriate puns. Also, English is actually not my native language, so you might need to have a proofreader if you recruit me :(

The VN I've written for college project:
Fanfics I've written:

Contact me through my email ^_^

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Re: NaNoReno 2019 General Recruitment Thread

#18 Post by akrasia » Mon Feb 18, 2019 7:02 am

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Re: NaNoReno 2019 General Recruitment Thread

#19 Post by acsh » Mon Feb 18, 2019 7:56 am

Hey all,

I'm a writer looking to make a short TRAGIC VN centered around a Chinese non binary character who ends up killing themself; the mc will also probably have a male love interest who tries to help them but inevitably fails. It's meant to make people feel kind of sad. Some other themes I'm thinking of including are self-harm and drug abuse.

I'm looking for artists and coders who might be passionate/ interested in such a project. The target is about 10-20k words. The most similar project I can think of at the moment is the bxb VN, Forget Me Not.

I'm starting on the script early because my college load will kill me if I don't. You can view my writing here [], though most samples are outdated because I've stopped writing fanfiction.

Feel free to PM or add me on discord: Bagel #8474

Discord will probably elicit quicker replies.

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Re: NaNoReno 2019 General Recruitment Thread

#20 Post by oOhanaOo » Mon Feb 18, 2019 9:48 am

This is my first time joining NaNoReno,and i'd like to join as an artist^^
I can offer sprites, designs,CGs, chibis,GUI and logo.
I can also offer BGs however I can't offer much so 3 simple BGs as max.

I prefer working on GxB/fantasy/murder VNs

And won't work on:
R18/horror/GxG/BxB VNs

You can find more details and artworks here: ... 8240247817

Hope to find a group soon^^

joined a project
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Re: NaNoReno 2019 General Recruitment Thread

#21 Post by Abyss_Team » Mon Feb 18, 2019 10:22 am

Hello ladies and gents!

We are looking for an editor, a programmer (Unity), a UI artist and if possible a sound designer as well for our upcoming game "Abyss" (temporary name) and would love to have you along for this adventure. This project will be developed during the NanoReno 2019 game jam and we hope to have a complete demo by then. Note that, being a game jam, this is not a paid project

A group of persons are trapped in a mysterious place. The only way to survive is for everyone to cooperate, but things are not what they seem to be.
What are those monsters that stand at the edge of this broken world?
Why are these people really here?
Will they survive?
Or were they doomed from the very beginning?

We'll let you into more secrets once you join the project.

- Have a good sense of humor!
- Be open-minded as the game intends to tackle complicated and unsettling issues. This might not please everyone.

Want to know more? Then join us at Discord:

Edit : We got a programmer! The other slots are still open.
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Re: NaNoReno 2019 General Recruitment Thread

#22 Post by Brittany Ann » Mon Feb 18, 2019 11:10 pm

I'm a Voice Actress!

I can contribute full or partial voice over for your projects, the audio will include standard clean up and light editing.
I am open to everything that's rated PG13 and under. NSFW projects will be considered on a case by case basis.
You can hear some of my work here:

I can communicate via:
Discord: Brittany Ann Phillips#1121
Lemma Soft Private Messages: Brittany Ann

Thanks for reading, I hope to hear from you!

Website/Demo ReelFacebookInstagramTwitter
Business Email:

"Use the talents you possess, for the woods would be very silent if no birds sang except the best."
- Henry van Dyke

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Re: NaNoReno 2019 General Recruitment Thread

#23 Post by Desichan » Tue Feb 19, 2019 6:12 pm

Heya everyone, I'm Desichan, and im an artist

I'd love to find someone i can work together with to think up a story or project, but otherwise im also completely chill joining in on other people's projects

I can do both backgrounds, and sprites, alongside cgs. I've primarily as of recently worked on comics but i have a lot of practice with visual novel type work, if you want to see my recent work check here. My specialty is doing over the top character character designs, and over the top imaginative backgrounds. ... tist=36872 These comics here were all on deadlines, some as strict as one day, others a bit more lenient. This is a bit of a testament on how i can be good at working with a low amount of time.

What im interested in: I want to join a project thats horror, romance(preferably otome), or both. Or even over the top imaginative adventure. My strengths are best suited to over the top cutesy designs and things, so i want to be able to join in somewhere where i could fit.

I'd love to hear people's ideas and maybe join someone, if its cute, or creepy, i might be interested! Hit me up, i dont bite

Please contact me preferably at my discord: Desichan#1271

Found a team, good luck to everyone still searching!
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Re: NaNoReno 2019 General Recruitment Thread

#24 Post by FishyFeathers » Wed Feb 20, 2019 12:25 am

Hi everyone! I hope I'm not too late to the party. I'm an artist looking to join a project, and I'm especially hoping to do backgrounds or cgs since those are both areas where I'd like to improve, although I have a ton of fun with sprites too.

This will be my first NaNoRenO, and I don't have a ton of experience with visual novels generally, although I've been messing around a bit on CloudNovel on and off for the last few years and really enjoying it. So I'm hoping to join in with the community a little bit and hopefully learn along the way! Samples of work from my most recent (as-yet-unpublished) project are here: ... 291D_0Df_5, and if you want you can check out my less-recent projects at The art in Insidious is all me, but in Rococo Love I only did the sprites and the title screen.

In terms of genre, style, etc., I'm super open! I'd love to hear your ideas. I really enjoy doing research and design for clothing, architecture, etc., so I'd probably have fun with a team working on a vn set somewhere either in the past or the future, or in another world. I'd rather not do a lot of sex or gore.

I found a team! Good luck everybody :D
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Re: NaNoReno 2019 General Recruitment Thread

#25 Post by thischickdoesart » Wed Feb 20, 2019 6:15 pm

I didn't know there was this sort of thing for visual novels/games, lol! I'd love to try this since it's a one month commitment and I actually have the time to do it.

I'm an artist and can draw sprites, backgrounds, icons....anything that needs visuals honestly, though I prefer sprites.
I've worked on game art before which you can check out here: ... 2014-2015)


Genre Preferences
School Life Drama

I'll only draw for games that my 12 year old niece can play/watch, so PG-13 is the maturity limit.

I can be contacted quicker by email:

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Re: NaNoReno 2019 General Recruitment Thread

#26 Post by oOhanaOo » Thu Feb 21, 2019 3:59 am

Tho it's may be late I wanted to use the idea that been cooking in my mind for a while for NaNoReno, it's based on the famous fairytale (Alice in Wonderland)
I know there is many games based on this fairytale but still I wanted to work on my own version.
This time instead for Alice to be lost in Wonderland she is going to fall into the dolls land,there she needs to replace the queen of dolls that been missing for unknown reasons,now her journey for searching for the missing queen begins,how she is going to save her and who she is going to meet in her journey.

I intend to make the genres:
Otome(I can't work without it XD)
More would be discussed with the team

I am going to do sprites/CGs/Chibis(if needed)

What I need:
A full team
Starting from brainstorming/opinions/suggestions,also I'd like a director for this project since I won't be able to direct the whole project alone since I have my other projects to direct.

Another artists that can help with Backgrounds/GUI/Logo/and even designing the characters.

Writer(s),I am hoping to release a demo for NaNo for at least 10K words but if we continued in this project I would like to make it 50K-100K words.

Programmer(s) helping in this project,and hoping to have special features for the game.

Composer(s) it would be cool to have our own music instead of using creative commons.

Voice actors I don't really know how it will work out but I would consider having voiced characters.

Editors and proofreader would be required too

I hope that's all
If you're interested in the idea and would love to develop it and help building the game then I'd be more than glad having you in the team.

You can send me a message through here or using discord @HanaH.A#1853

Good luck everyone^^

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Re: NaNoReno 2019 General Recruitment Thread

#27 Post by wingzofdarkness » Thu Feb 21, 2019 9:53 am


I am an artist and would really love to get some experience in drawing some simple 2-3 CGs and/or promo images. If you plan to make your project long term after NaNoReNo then I'd be happy to extend my stay and draw more CGs/promo pics and possibly sprites depending on my interest and workload/deadline. Please see my gallery here. The earlier the contact the better because it gives me more time to produce better quality. Thanks for reading!

Edit: Sorry, I forgot to mention that I don't have a preference in genre but my style works best with otome.
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Re: NaNoReno 2019 General Recruitment Thread

#28 Post by onboroo » Thu Feb 21, 2019 11:47 am


I'm already like juggling multiple things atm,,,, but I think I can still fit one short project if anyone's interested in having me, just for the sake of productivity—I'm an artist, willing to do sprites and CGs. I can proooobably do GUI and logo if I have the time and if you don't mind my lack of experience on them. Feel free to look at my art here to see if you're okay with the style!

I prefer otomes, no nsfws, and better it's if nothing too complex or too heavy on workload... that's pretty much all I can think of at this second.

I'd rather if you have a clear idea on what you want, and I'll deliver the best I can. I'm a bit too busy to spend time brainstorming and developing other parts of the game no matter how much I want to, unfortunately.

Feel free to add me on discord; onboroo#1978 if you're interested.

Found a team, thanks and good luck to everyone! <3
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Re: NaNoReno 2019 General Recruitment Thread

#29 Post by Selidor » Thu Feb 21, 2019 11:47 am

I’m a 2D artist looking to offer some anime-style sprites (also CGs, but only if I’m doing the sprites too). I am capable of doing graphic design and backgrounds too, but I’m really looking to do sprites for this.

I am looking for a small otome or BL game (no 18+), any genre except horror.
By small, I mean I can’t commit to being available to make lots of art after NaNo is over. I may be open to working on a demo if you plan to crowd fund or otherwise pay post-NaNo.
You can see more samples of my character art here.

PM me here if you’re interested.
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Re: NaNoReno 2019 General Recruitment Thread

#30 Post by sonnenblumen » Thu Feb 21, 2019 12:33 pm


We’re a small team looking to work with others on a short slice-of-life BL visual novel with romantic, comedic and action elements. It’s intended to be a funny, quirky coming of age story of sorts. We are aiming for a 15+ age rating (for comedic violence, language and mild sensual content — but this can be discussed)! :)

The story revolves around a foster programme for former illegal child mercenaries / assassins. After the protagonist ’s organization is shut down, our MC is adopted into this foster programme and sent to live a ”normal” life with a ”normal” family in a small town. Now, the protagonist has to learn what it means to be ”human” while maintaining his new social relationships and battling enemies from his violent past.

There are 2 love interests: the MC’s stubborn and sharp-tongued foster brother and the MC’s laidback, playful mentor. We are planning 5 endings in total: a solo end + 1 happy end and 1 bittersweet end per love interest.

We only need a BG artist and a composer now! We would also welcome a chibi artist.

We prefer to communicate over Discord (no voice chat is required) and exchange files through Google Drive, but we’re open to other suggestions.

If you are interested in working together or want more info, please PM me or contact me or my teammate through Discord @sonnenblummen#3485 / @Melli#8357! ^^
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