NaNoReno 2019 General Recruitment Thread

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Re: NaNoReno 2019 General Recruitment Thread

#46 Post by Sonomura » Wed Feb 27, 2019 5:54 am

Hello! My name is Eddie, and I am a freelance voice actor.

Currently, it seems that the month of March is a bit more lax on my schedule, so I’d love to lend my voice for NaNoReno. I have a slight bias toward BxB works, but I’m open to helping bring almost any genre to life! I may have to decline projects that contain content I do not feel comfortable with, though.

You can listen to my updated demo reel at ... eel-122019

The fastest way to contact me is through Twitter ( but feel free to also send me a mention in case I do not get a notification for a private message.

Thank you for your consideration, and good luck to everyone’s future projects! ✩

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Re: NaNoReno 2019 General Recruitment Thread

#47 Post by ePLix » Wed Feb 27, 2019 6:40 am

I'm a writer. My main genres are Fantasy and Romance. (I usually forge these two together)
I'm currently writing a fantasy novel with a romance plot included, but I wanted to work on VN as well.
I love creating and interesting characters and the main focus of my writing is emotion.
I'm searching for a project that requires an interesting story with a possible romance in it.
I can communicate via Discord and email
Cheers 8)

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Re: NaNoReno 2019 General Recruitment Thread

#48 Post by DoubleH » Wed Feb 27, 2019 4:33 pm

Greetings, everyone. My name is DoubleH and me and my team are working on an Alice in Wonderland inspired limbo type of game. It's meant to have mature themes and possibly horror imagery.

The story is: a girl awakes in a strange world with strange creatures. They ask her for help, but more often than not she ends up making their lives miserable. There's also a very curious pair of aristocrat girls who take on sadistic games who prompt the player to literally bet the lives of their friends. The story is supposed to have a lot of dark humor, as well as eerly unsettling characters who shrug things off who represent the indifferent nature of death. Here's some concept art:


Our current team
DoubleH- Writer, Designer
M.Mart- Artist, Character designer
Adriana72- Artist, Color, Background design
MoSenko- Composer
JauneLaCouleur- Programmer

Our team is full! Thank you to all who applied. You may still contact me here for any questions or Discord at Double H#3818. Have a nice day.
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Re: NaNoReno 2019 General Recruitment Thread

#49 Post by Jin » Thu Feb 28, 2019 1:05 pm

Hi everyone!

I'm a writer and voice actress, mostly interested in contributing writing for this year's NaNoReNo! I participated in NaNoReNo back in 2015 as a writer for PaperDoor Studios, and I'd like to spend the month writing something fun but short.

I'm into writing fantasy, supernatural, romance, and slice of life genres. I also really enjoy writing historical fiction; Victorian/Elizabethan is always a blast. Magical girl is always great too! I'd love to work on something LGBT+ this time around with PoC characters, but I'm not super picky this time around!

I can communicate via PM or email.

Thank you so much! <3

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Re: NaNoReno 2019 General Recruitment Thread

#50 Post by artsybarrels » Fri Mar 01, 2019 10:09 am

Hi! I'm barrels :D

I'm a freelance artist who got into game dev and pixel art last year. I want to try making something for a visual novel so I joined NaNoReno!

I can make character designs/sprites. I'm not good with making backgrounds so this is all I can contribute for now.

Here is my portfolio:

and more examples of my work:

Preferred Genres: Romance (even better if it's LGBTQA+), Comedy, Slice of Life, Horror

I'm willing to draw NSFW stuff (gore, violence, lewds)

Please message me through Discord so I can reply immediately: barrels#6465

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Re: NaNoReno 2019 General Recruitment Thread

#51 Post by LegendEx » Fri Mar 01, 2019 3:30 pm

Hey hey! My name is Legend and I am looking for an artist to help with some additional graphics on my IntRenAiMo project Secrets Untold. We already have a demo created but we're working on revamping a lot of the old art, writing, and other stuff. A full devlog on what we plan to do is right here: ... ets-untold

You should also be able to navigate to the game page as well from there. Or, you can check the very outdated WIP thread in my signature.

A lot of the designs for this game are already done- we just need someone to help with either: Additional CGs or Additional Graphics that can showcase aspects of the game in which we can no longer use sprites. Message me if you're interested, my inbox is always open!

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Re: NaNoReno 2019 General Recruitment Thread

#52 Post by ejtanmusic » Fri Mar 01, 2019 4:25 pm

Hey guys,

My name's EJ. I am a music composer and sound designer and I am very excited to offer up any help to a team in need of original music or audio assets.

I write music in a variety of genres but I would mainly classify my style as: orchestral/classical/chamber/solo/acoustic.

Here's a link to my music:

If you're interested by all means contact me via e-mail: or PM. Looking forward to collaborating!

Eric Jeffrey Tan
Composer - Sound Designer - Musician
YT: ... BcL8w7IEfQ

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Re: NaNoReno 2019 General Recruitment Thread

#53 Post by Kokoro Hane » Sat Mar 02, 2019 1:25 pm

Hi there!

I am working on a project called 'Final Chance' a BxG fantasy game!

- Voice actors, mostly female, but need some male too! There will be partial voice, meaning only on a few important scenes and a few vocalizations. This is a teen rated game, so no worries! PM me with samples of your voice. Recording will begin on the second week of NaNoRenO ^^
- Anime style CG Artists who can do about 5-7 event CGs (no backgrounds required). I already have sprites (by Blue Forest I bought from DLSite I had been meaning to use) so you will not need to worry about doing original sprites. As long as you do an anime style, it should be fine, and you can do simplistic cel shade, nothing fancy or complicated as I know we need to save time!

A little about our game....

'Final Chance' is about a young man who was stricken with an incurable illness and is now bedridden. As he slowly waits for his death, a mysterious woman appears with a gift. She happens to be what is called a Death Rite, a rare creature that comes to a dying person to grant their final wish. For a limited amount of time, our hero will be free of his illness to do that one thing he has always desired but never admitted--to fall in love with a girl! Allowed to take one close companion with him (and meeting a couple other strangers on the way), our hero will embark on a journey to impress a girl by completing a few quests for her~ Will he fall in love with the woman he is trying to impress, or perhaps another girl by his side on this final journey?

Planned to have 3-4 endings (one ending per girl).

If you are interested, feel free to PM me ^^
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Re: NaNoReno 2019 General Recruitment Thread

#54 Post by ~Julia~ » Sat Mar 02, 2019 3:28 pm

Hello everyone,

For this year's NaNoRenO I am working on a small project tentatively titles "Enko & B-ko" which is an older teen aimed GxG styled visual novel, you can read a full breakdown of the concept in this document.

Due to the tight time frame of the challenge, my goal isn't to make a full-on visual novel and instead work on a sort of proof of concept that could lead into a full on production depending on reception. With the NaNoRenO submission I am looking at just covering what was laid out in the concept breakdown, with each paragraph covering one "scene", aiming for about an hour runtime and ending at the formal meeting of our protagonists. This document contains the first (of 4) scenes, with each scene being of similar length and content.

As I am just a humble writer, I am seeking all the help I can get, however, I have a slightly bigger focus on getting a vocal cast as I would love to have (at the very least) this prototype fleshed out into an audio drama.

If you have any further questions or would like to lend your expertise, then please feel free to PM on here or contact me through e-mail:

Thank you for your time and consideration.

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Re: NaNoReno 2019 General Recruitment Thread

#55 Post by ilyilaice » Sat Mar 02, 2019 5:28 pm

Hello! Hope I'm not too late to join the jam. I just didn't want to post here until I formed a solid pitch, and I believe I now have one.


Hello, I'm ilyilaice, and I'm a writer. Gonna be totally honest here - I've never made a VN/KN before, even though I've read hundreds of them.

I have dabbled in writing interactive fiction before, which you can check out here: You can also read my regular writing here:


I have an outline I can send you. I will be translating the outline into a script at the soonest possible opportunity (i.e. after I get some sleep).

In a nutshell, my story explores the direct impact and consequences that a person's choice of fantasies and daydreams can have on real life. It may sound super serious, but it's definitely not. It's this weird sort of paranoid fever dream that happens over the course of two days. Very small-scale and character-driven.


People who can do anything other than the writing part - sprite art, background art, GUI, music, other aspects of a VN I'm probably forgetting about.

I understand that most writers also do the programming, and I'm totally down to learn, but like I said, I'm starting from scratch. If anyone can help me out with that as well, I'd appreciate it.

Please feel free to PM me here or email me at Thank you!


EDIT: I've found a sprite/CG artist, a GUI programmer, and a person who can do music so far. :) Roles we're still looking for:
- BG artist
- GUI artist
- Scripting/coding
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Re: NaNoReno 2019 General Recruitment Thread

#56 Post by alberte » Mon Mar 04, 2019 12:37 am

Hello, I have an idea that I've been thinking about. And I'd like to create a group to tackle this visual novel. ^^
I'll post a brief description of a general concept idea I have:
When the one she loves the most loses his memories due to a fatal car crash, she watches him become more a stranger each day,
Kazuki, the one who has amnesia doesn’t seem to want to talk about the car crash…but why? She wonders. Azumi finds herself not trusting Kazuki and follows him to some shady neighborhood only to find in exchange to keep living Kazuki has been granted superhuman abilities and is working for a group of people who’s plan for the city is something she wishes she didn’t know.

This is a psychological, slice-of-life,fantasy romance Otome that also has a gxg route.
I need: An idea bouncer or two
A writer who can work with me with what I have so far.
A coder
(Someone who can put my script into Ren'py, if the writer can do this it's a bonus)
Background Artist: Someone who can draw backgrounds that fit the sprites.

Here's an example of my sprite art, the main character Azumi MIzuhara:

Here's a link to my discord for the project:

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Re: NaNoReno 2019 General Recruitment Thread

#57 Post by Vilboad » Mon Mar 04, 2019 1:19 pm

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Re: NaNoReno 2019 General Recruitment Thread

#58 Post by Travallian » Tue Mar 05, 2019 7:31 pm

Hey, I'm free to provide voice acting for NaNoRenO.

My vocal range goes from child, teen, young adult, to silly and cartoony. I prefer male roles, but I am willing to be flexible depending on the context.

Sample of my voice can be heard here:

If you want to hear more examples, I would be happy to provide studio recordings when I took voice over classes for animation.

I can be contacted here or on Twitter or Instagram. My usernames there is RazumiYazura.

I work full time in the gaming industry, but as long as I know ahead of time, I can make time to do any recording that is needed.

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Looking to make an Otome game! Need any and all help!

#59 Post by Wendyd24 » Thu Mar 07, 2019 5:32 pm

Little late, sorry!
Hi! So for NaNoReNo I'm going to make an Otome game, with or without help, but I would love some help!

I understand most good Otome games have a wide selection of personality typed characters, but I am making a game called "Sugar Baby" (name subject to change haha) where MC is swarmed not only by hot guys, but wealthy men. Like Jumin from mystic messenger or Yuri from Nameless. They can still have their different personality types, yandere, tsundere, dandere, etc, but they must be wealthy, and I know because of that this game will not appeal to a "large" audience. But that's ok! It's a game, made for fun, to play for fun by people who are interested. (An example of how different personalities could still be done. One character is the youngest CEO in the country and is a little nervous about everything, making him Tsundere, while another bachelor has been in the business for a while and is quite used to people groveling to him for money, making him a Kuudere.)

And I'm aware the idea has been done before, like KBTBB, but I don't really enjoy mobile games the same way I do PC otomes, which is what I'm looking to make. I don't want anyone to have to buy "tickets" haha. And I'm aware that it's been done, but that's why I'm looking for people, to help think up a creative idea!

If you'd like to help with anything at all, character design, writing, drawing, etc, let me know! You don't have to help full time either and you aren't the best writer, if this project seems interesting to you, you can add input and ideas!

I would like an artist but am currently using sprites that I found online. They are good quality, but the downfall is they are obviously not specific to this game. If you'd be interested in making sprites, do let me know!

I can tackle this project by myself, but the more help I have the better it will be!

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Re: NaNoReno 2019 General Recruitment Thread

#60 Post by LIZM » Thu Mar 07, 2019 9:39 pm

Hi guys!

My team is looking for a background artist for a minimum of 3, or ideally 4~5 backgrounds for our slice of life/psychological Nano game. It's a modern setting and a soft, picture book-esque style would work well for the project but is not a hard requirement.

A few teasers are being posted on my Twitter:

We started as an entirely free project, but I have a small budget available for the background art. Additionally, profits from potential donations as well as a possible DLC pack will be shared. If you're interested or would like to hear more about the project first, please PM me here or DM me on Twitter ^__^

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