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A chance to be creative and earn only respect. Page 2

#1 Post by Bill_Ames » Tue Apr 16, 2019 8:50 pm

It is a very complicated process. So we want to make a VN combining Code Lyoko and MLB. We have all the videos of both shows (mostly.) Should be simple? No, the problem is that it is nearly impossible to get the characters we want and the backgrounds we want and both in a usable scale. The only way it can be successful is to make as large a collection of characters and environments for images and write a neat (yes, elegant, not epic) story that gets the attention of both shows bean counters and creative people.

This is the goal, to show that a combination of nearly any quality content can be entertaining. Because we have branching, we can use it to improve the usability of different scenes and settings. We will need to create meaningful storylines to match a character at a particular place.

For example, caption this (or a line of dialog?)

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