[OPEN][BxB] Writer looking for artist/another writer!

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[OPEN][BxB] Writer looking for artist/another writer!

#1 Post by Overdose » Mon Apr 22, 2019 9:53 am

Hello everyone!
I have a project I'm currently working on, "The Shackles Of One Who Dreams". It will be made in Ren'py, using an RPG overworld engine.
It is BL/Yaoi, and will contain mature themes. Please don't contact if you are not comfortable with disturbing/mature themes.
The game will be free.

I am the only writer currently, and I will have complete control over the project.
I cannot pay due to financial reasons, so you will have to be willing to work for free. I'm very sorry.

For the art style, I would like something similar to an older, very Anime style. Like Clannad.
For the writing, please send me a sample of your work.

The story is fantasy. Here is a summary;

Sky is what is known as a "Humanifal". A mix between an animal and a human. The world is cruel to these humanifals, being a witches creation.
He is a slave to a group of hunters, when one day he escapes. Running in the woods, he stumbles across a seemingly abandoned mansion. Living there are two men and a maid.
Sky will live with these mysterious people, as he tries to survive and win back the human's faith in Humanifals.

Six routes to choose from, 13 total endings. A big project, and so I need a writer to help spot the things I can't see and to handle the work with me.

If you are interested or want more info, please contact me! A pm or reply to this is fine.
Have a lovely day!

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