[complete review of the old post] - [Unpaid] looking for a 3D artist

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[complete review of the old post] - [Unpaid] looking for a 3D artist

#1 Post by deltadidirac » Tue Jul 09, 2019 5:04 am

I'm a 2D designer/artist and I'm already working on my own project (here my OP: https://www.patreon.com/SlipOverTime),
but for several months I have in mind a completely innovative and never used approach to create a VN game for adults with renpy; this would be a separate and completely independent new project.
Initially, given the complex nature of the execution, the general idea is to produce 1 or a small series of comics, to test all the problems and the response of the public (unlike a game, a single comic is shorter and not it needs animations or code, but allows you to experience rendering and image management, which will be the main complexity of this new idea).

It is not a paid project, if there is someone really interested in trying (because it is a student, or to practice, or as a hobby, or simply like this idea), contact me here, and we will go after into the details.
Project :
This game I want to propose in collaboration, it would always be a VN 18+ developed with renpy, but the real innovation is that it would exploit the idea of using the backgrounds, the MC and some other secondary characters built in 3D, but ... all the interesting relationships and interactions would take place with characters designed in 2D (to do only an example: something similar to the "Roger Rabbit" or "Cool World" movies, with the greater precision possible and care to integrate and fuse the 3D/2D images each other). I looked around... but no one has ever made this attempt till now.... and I think it's a good idea.

The story doesn't exist at the moment, I have a couple of ideas on what to invent, but for the moment what has stimulated me is the novelty and the possibility of creative developments (overall for a good and interesting story), that it would not be possible using only 2D or 3D.
I did a really fast, fast, fast, test by myself (only to see if this idea it's technically possible), in attach you can see the result. I took one of the "Big Brother game image" and I changed one character with wich one of my game; I must draw the same position and same light because I worked on the finished image and not with different levels, so I was not free to change many things.

Example movies link:

Cool World : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xwp2RlPjGF8
Roger Rabbit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yy5THitqPBw

Developer and general Producer :
Me /We (with a collaboration of a translator/writer and a programmer of my team)

Looking for:
A 3D artist for backgrounds, main character and few other characters only if they are necessary for the story

Employment type:
Unpaid (because I can't at the moment, not because I don't want to pay), in your free-time

Preferred contact method:
starting here, after Discord or Skype

Project steps:
  • Short comic to test the coordination each other, solve the problems about the image rendering, and test the audience feedback.
    create a new common account on Patreon or Subscribe (In this case, I will really happy to share every earning with you)
  • perhaps it could be necessary or better develop this single comic in others 2/4 chapter , to develop better the story and tease much more the pubblic.
  • If, and when, all it would be run good, we can stop with comics (or not, it depend from the public), and we will start with the VN renpy game.
With the hope to have you interested on,
have a nice day
Drawing test
Original image

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