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[Closed] Stalky - I needan Artist

#1 Post by Satamie » Sun Jul 14, 2019 11:32 am

Stalky is a free Visual Novel and It is a Yuri romance with a Highschool Setting

Story: You're Yui, a homophobic Highschool girl, who is helping a young Middle Schooler girl Nao but after that, a lot of strange events happens...

Yes, the synopsis is quite short because I don't want to spoil :(

Don't worry about the project, it's not one who will never finish! I have already finished a VN (https://gamejolt.com/games/DemonandHeart/260877) and the first chapter of Stalky is already finished

What I need :

- A proofreader because as you can see, English is not my first language. The story is cut by chapter with 1K words so it's not too much [Closed]

- An Editor that can help to help my story. My story is Psycho/Yandere in Highschool Settings. [Closed]

- A Sprite/CG artist, I have 7 characters in all of my game and I have 5 CG (Approximation). Also most of my character has "psycho/Yandere" expression [Open]

- A Background Artist, I have a lot of BG. Most are dark forest or creepy house [Closed]

Contact me via Lemmasoft or even better by Discord (Satamie#1307)

Thanks for reading :) and I hope will can work together :wink:

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