[FREE] Writers/Artists/VAs wanted

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[FREE] Writers/Artists/VAs wanted

#1 Post by littletoes101 » Mon Jul 15, 2019 7:35 pm

Gonna try to keep this relatively short and simple. I am working on a Danganronpa fangame. I already have designs and personalities for the entire cast (there's 19 students plus Mononeko and Monokuma). Everything is plotted out and ready to go, and I'm currently working on writing the prologue. Here's what I need:

Sprite Artist(s)
BG/CG Artist(s)
Execution Artist(s)
GUI Designer(s)
Voice Actors

This is free work. I am unable to pay at this time. However! I am getting a job soon and plan on paying as soon as I get my job, however, you should be okay with working for free until I secure my job. If that sounds okay with you, shoot me a message! Also: you do not need to know Danganronpa or be able to replicate the style. In fact I'd prefer a new kind of style for this! Thank you for reading.

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