Writer Looking for a Programmer for VN

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Writer Looking for a Programmer for VN

#1 Post by awill320 » Sun Jul 21, 2019 8:18 pm

Update: I have found a wonderful programmer and will no longer be needing one. Thank you for the support!


My name is Alyssa and I have been writing a story titled "Deep Awareness of the Universe" and am looking for an programmer for my visual novel.

Here is a short synopsis:

"It’s another ordinary day in Cerulean where Zie lives peacefully with his mother in the beautiful town of Cerise. However, after getting his hands on a key to the one room his mother has kept secret from him for years, not only does he discover messy papers and books lying around but the existence of other lands, magical powers and an elite, ominous group at the center of it."

My story is fantasy-adventure and will have a lot of moving parts. I am looking for someone beginner/wants to take on a project to maybe showcase their skills/does not mind not being paid (just for the demo part). Preferably, I want someone who has a lot of time to dedicate on this but I know how life is, so I am very patient and understanding!

I will need a demo version created first, then the entire game. If you are both an artist who can draw anime-styled and can program, that would be even better but I am more focused on the programming aspect. As I mentioned before I apologize about not being able to compensate properly. When we begin designing the entire game, we can speak about how to split the profits (so you will get paid, just not in the beginning!). I am passionate about the story just like all the other writers/artists/programmers on here are and am looking for someone to work with to help bring it to life. If you happen to be writing a story as well I would love to help proofread or help look for plot holes in your story! We will be a team so if there is anything I could help you with I would LOVE to help!

My email is awill320@fiu.edu. I am based in Miami, FL. If you stumble upon my post and feel this is you and you want to reach me faster, my number is 703-901-3942.

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