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#1 Post by kukki » Fri Sep 06, 2019 2:28 pm



We’re working on an OTOME vn pre-named snowdrop!
I’m thinking it to be a not-too-big project, with only 3 love interests! (although one is a hidden route)
We’re looking for two writers to help us with each story route of 2 of the love interests.
Our team currently has one writer, one editor, one composer, and one artist!


The story takes place in a boarding school, where the main protagonist lives.
She is a decently rich, high social class student who is independent and strong-willed.
Her somewhat-peaceful daily life continues until one day, flower headed creatures appear and starts taking over the school.
When a student is attacked by it, the flowers take over their bodies and grows a flower head.
Seeing this horrifying scene, our MC and some other students tries to find their way out of the campus.

Because this is a post-apocalyptic scenario, the MC may escape successfully, or not make it out, depending on the choices the players make.



Main Protagonist



MC's childhood friend who takes a bodyguard-role whenever around her.

(*Our current writer is working on Arthur's route!*)


Edwin (Ed):

The typical flirt and the prince of the school. He is handsome, rich, funny, popular and all of the above.



A cute, adorable underclassman who takes biology with the MC. Known to be the smart genius kid, he gets bullied by jealous students.


TWO WRITERS! (And a programmer/GUI artist)

Although the story seems kind of gloomy, I prefer to have the atmosphere not too dark, since you should be able to date guys and be happy.

I do have the outline of all the routes written, but they may change a bit, depending on what the writers(or I) want.
I try to give freedom so that you can write what you want to write.
Cooperation is also important, as we will have multiple writers/editor working together.

Although I am looking for 2 writers, if you feel confident with your writing speed, feel free to let me know and maybe we could have one person write both.
I would prefer to have fast progress on the scripts, but I respect everyone’s lives and will not rush you (unless we’re too behind and are not progressing)

We are officially looking for 2 writers, but a programmer/GUI artist willing to help would be VERY welcome, too.


Sprites - 95%
CGs - 0%
BG art - 95% (filtered images)
BGMs - 80%
Script - prologue completed
Programming - 0%
GUI - 0%

If you are interested, please send me a PM, reply, or an email to <4975288@naver.com>!

- your preferred name
- Age (okay if you state high school, college, etc.)
- Your past work
- Any personal statements you want to make?

Thank you!
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Re: snowdrop[otome][looking for 2 writers/programmer]

#2 Post by alexei » Mon Sep 09, 2019 5:34 pm


I'm an experienced writer and I think I could help you with structural editing. If you like, I can send you a sample of my work. Usually I write dark fantasy / gamelit / litrpg themes. If possible however, I'd like to apply as a coder. Although I'm not familiar with Ren'Py, I have pretty extensive knowledge over CSS, HTML & JS and other web authoring tools / technologies. I'm pretty confident I can take on a small project on Ren'Py.

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Re: snowdrop[otome][looking for 2 writers/programmer]

#3 Post by 78909087 » Tue Sep 10, 2019 2:28 am

I can work on/with programming or even assist alexei. I have a lot of experience using Ren'py. PM me about the project or if you want more specific information :)

If you're looking to estimate your writing/scripting I can also help you find the scope of your game.

I can also write, but I'm unsure that my style would fit very well with multiple others. If you're in a tight spot I can write to others standards, if there is an editor working with me.
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Re: snowdrop[otome][looking for 2 writers/programmer]

#4 Post by nerupuff » Tue Sep 10, 2019 4:27 am

Hi! I've sent you a PM via lemmasoft forums mail. ^^ I'm applying for the writer position. Hope to hear from you soon, and good luck with the search for more of the roles that you need!
Hire me for proofreading, editing, and (maybe) writing! ♡ Check here!

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