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Posted: Fri Sep 06, 2019 2:28 pm
by kukki


We’re working on an OTOME vn pre-named snowdrop!
I’m thinking it to be a not-too-big project, with only 3 love interests! (although one is a hidden route)
We’re looking for two writers to help us with each story route of 2 of the love interests.
Our team currently has one writer, one editor, one composer, and one artist!


The story takes place in a boarding school, where the main protagonist lives.
She is a decently rich, high social class student who is independent and strong-willed.
Her somewhat-peaceful daily life continues until one day, flower headed creatures appear and starts taking over the school.
When a student is attacked by it, the flowers take over their bodies and grows a flower head.
Seeing this horrifying scene, our MC and some other students tries to find their way out of the campus.

Because this is a post-apocalyptic scenario, the MC may escape successfully, or not make it out, depending on the choices the players make.



Main Protagonist



MC's childhood friend who takes a bodyguard-role whenever around her.

(*Our current writer is working on Arthur's route!*)


Edwin (Ed):

The typical flirt and the prince of the school. He is handsome, rich, funny, popular and all of the above.



A cute, adorable underclassman who takes biology with the MC. Known to be the smart genius kid, he gets bullied by jealous students.


TWO WRITERS! (And a programmer/GUI artist)

Although the story seems kind of gloomy, I prefer to have the atmosphere not too dark, since you should be able to date guys and be happy.

I do have the outline of all the routes written, but they may change a bit, depending on what the writers(or I) want.
I try to give freedom so that you can write what you want to write.
Cooperation is also important, as we will have multiple writers/editor working together.

Although I am looking for 2 writers, if you feel confident with your writing speed, feel free to let me know and maybe we could have one person write both.
I would prefer to have fast progress on the scripts, but I respect everyone’s lives and will not rush you (unless we’re too behind and are not progressing)

We are officially looking for 2 writers, but a programmer/GUI artist willing to help would be VERY welcome, too.


Sprites - 95%
CGs - 0%
BG art - 95% (filtered images)
BGMs - 80%
Script - prologue completed
Programming - 0%
GUI - 0%

If you are interested, please send me a PM, reply, or an email to <>!

- your preferred name
- Age (okay if you state high school, college, etc.)
- Your past work
- Any personal statements you want to make?

Thank you!

Re: snowdrop[otome][looking for 2 writers/programmer]

Posted: Mon Sep 09, 2019 5:34 pm
by alexei

I'm an experienced writer and I think I could help you with structural editing. If you like, I can send you a sample of my work. Usually I write dark fantasy / gamelit / litrpg themes. If possible however, I'd like to apply as a coder. Although I'm not familiar with Ren'Py, I have pretty extensive knowledge over CSS, HTML & JS and other web authoring tools / technologies. I'm pretty confident I can take on a small project on Ren'Py.

Re: snowdrop[otome][looking for 2 writers/programmer]

Posted: Tue Sep 10, 2019 2:28 am
by 78909087
I can work on/with programming or even assist alexei. I have a lot of experience using Ren'py. PM me about the project or if you want more specific information :)

If you're looking to estimate your writing/scripting I can also help you find the scope of your game.

I can also write, but I'm unsure that my style would fit very well with multiple others. If you're in a tight spot I can write to others standards, if there is an editor working with me.

Re: snowdrop[otome][looking for 2 writers/programmer]

Posted: Tue Sep 10, 2019 4:27 am
by nerupuff
Hi! I've sent you a PM via lemmasoft forums mail. ^^ I'm applying for the writer position. Hope to hear from you soon, and good luck with the search for more of the roles that you need!