[Closed] Writers Needed for "The Crimson Rose" [GxB Fantasy Otome Game]

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[Closed] Writers Needed for "The Crimson Rose" [GxB Fantasy Otome Game]

#1 Post by GaemWrym » Thu Sep 19, 2019 5:14 pm

Edit: Hey everyone! Upon further discussion, we have realized that the scope of this project might be too big, and thus we are putting this game on hiatus for now. We thank you all for your interest, and hope that you can look forward to our next project. I will be contacting the writers who applied with this new information soon.

Hello! We are a small group of two people who have come together to create a short fantasy otome game. Currently we are searching for 1-2 passionate writers who can love our characters and bring them to life. We anticipate that the game will be at least 50k words or more. I will update this post with more information soon.

If interested, please DM me a few small writing samples, and then hopefully we can see if we are a good fit for each other! My discord id is @discwrym#2433.

The story takes place on the island of Gran Peluna in the faraway land of Cerendina, where magic and technology have fused together into the daily lives of the inhabitants. The main character, Luka Castelione, is the daughter of a famous sky pirate and has been entrusted with his legacy, the treasure of the Crimson Rose. Due to this, she has always been the target of many kidnappings by people who want to claim the treasure for themselves. One day, as Luka is running away and about to be captured by the henchmen of the Royal Navy, she is instead kidnapped by a mysterious boy who reveals himself to be Ceres of the Blue Flame, an infamous pirate who is known for being ruthless and brutally cunning. He has captured Luka because he wants the Crimson Rose for himself, and he will stop at nothing to get it.

Luka Castelione (Protagonist) - Luka is the daughter of the famous sky pirate Alberto Castelione, and possesses the "key" to uncovering the treasure that he left behind. She has a strong and bold personality that was borne from all the hardships she has had to ensure due to being a target everywhere. Her journey with Ceres and his crew will open her heart to many new emotions, and new experiences.

Ceres Bellaluce
Ceres is an infamous sky pirate who has gained the moniker of "Master of the Blue Flame". He captures Luka because he is after the Key of the Crimson Rose, and wants to use it for his own means. He is deeply protective of his crew members, and his fiery personality, goal-driven nature, along with his loyalty gains him unquestioning respect from his peers.

Alsza Velvendere
Alsza is the genius mechanic who maintains their skyship. He is a man of few words, but his calm personality and gentle nature help him to get along with everyone on the ship.

Robin Debois
Robin, also known as "The Prince", is the suave flirt on the ship. His chivalrous nature and strong analytical skills make him a great asset to his allies. He holds a very deep secret however, and that is that he is actually a girl.

Edric Schwan
Edric is the chef on the skyship, the Prima Donna, and despite being born blind his smell and sense of taste are extremely sensitive. Due to this, he developed a passion for cooking early on. His calm and gentle nature puts everyone around him at peace, and he is loved by all members of the crew.

Current Progress
Story Outline - 70%
Sprites - 20%
Backgrounds - 0%
Programming - 0%
GUI - 0%

Please DM me if you are interested!

Edit: Updated to add the character portraits.
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Re: Writers Needed for "The Crimson Rose" [GxB Fantasy Otome Game]

#2 Post by nerupuff » Thu Sep 19, 2019 9:35 pm

Hi! Pretty art, by the way. ^^ I sent a friend request on discord. Hope I get to message you there soon (I'm interested in applying), and best of luck in finding writers!
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Re: Writers Needed for "The Crimson Rose" [GxB Fantasy Otome Game]

#3 Post by celinarose » Tue Oct 08, 2019 5:05 am

Sent a request on Discord!

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