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Demon Kiss recruiting Voice Actors [BxB] [IntRenaiMo]

Posted: Tue Oct 01, 2019 3:12 am
by foleso
Felix thought the only thing to fear about a trashy Halloween party was the watered-down alcohol. Unfortunately, a demon attack proved him wrong.

We have a demo at

Felix was planning to spend Halloween night like he spends every night: playing video games while eating doritos. Unfortunately, his best friend Vanessa wasn't about to let that happened. Felix succumbed to the temptation of free drinks and agreed to go.

Suddenly, the high demon Trisetar appeared and began to tear the place apart. Like the coward he was, Felix hid in a closet and tried to wait out the commotion. Right when Trisetar was about to open the closet Felix was in, the loud sound of sirens filled the air. Annoyed, Trisetar began to chant a teleportation spell. Startled, Felix fell out of the closet and was teleported along with the demon.

When Felix showed up at Trisetar's home, the demon wanted him gone immediately. Unfortunately, they were stuck together for a due to limitations of the spell. However, something more than resentment started to brew between the two...

Felix: Felix works as an IT guy in a small law firm. He's used to dealing with broken printers and people freaking out over minor issues. But his true passion is playing video games. As a hardcore MMO player, Felix has plenty of virtual friends who understand him. Unfortunately, his only real-life friend is his bubbly co-worker Vanessa who insists on pushing him out of his comfort zone. Despite his reluctance to listen to her, he appreciates her concern for his well-being.

Trisetar: A lonely demon who lives in his very own mansion in hell. He lived alone for so long he'd convinced himself that it was for the best. He's easily irritated and unforgiving: Trisetar holds grudges for centuries. His power is so terrifying that even demons don't dare cross him. He has his own mysterious reasons for invading Earth despite a millenia of peace.

Felix's best friend who just wants to get him out of the house. And laid.

Voice Actor(s):
We need 3 Voice Actors: Two masculine, one feminine.

My Contribution:
I will be doing the writing, programming, and UI. Backgrounds and Music will be taken from CC libraries.

Game Engine:
Unity with Naninovel

Discord: foleso#2275
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Re: Demon Kiss recruiting Voice Actors [BxB] [IntRenaiMo]

Posted: Tue May 05, 2020 8:47 pm
by Elric Atchison
I don't mind to voice in this.