NaNoRenO 2020 GxG Project [looking for artists, musicians, and maybe voice actors and editors]

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NaNoRenO 2020 GxG Project [looking for artists, musicians, and maybe voice actors and editors]

#1 Post by MoonlightBomber » Mon Feb 03, 2020 6:36 am

You may know me as one of the old guard in terms of creating OELVNs, having created story-rich games since 2005; and establishing my own one-man game dev circle DagitabSoft in 2009. Since then, I have participated in several game jams (Global Game Jam, Ludum Dare, and Yuri Game Jam), and is also active in the Philippine game dev community. So now, I'll dive into NaNoRenO, my fourth ever game jam, and it would be nice if you can help me complete the game I've first made for the just-concluded Global Game Jam 2020!

So What's the Game All About?

The game is titled The Classiest Act, and it is a kinetic visual novel about a college girl named Trisha May Lucerne who longs for romantic company to repair the lack of colors in her life. The thing is, the hookup culture in the college she studies in is a rough-and-tumble one, and she fails to snag the company she likes. Things then take an interesting turn when a teacher she works as an assistant for, Mary Teresa Salgadowsky, falls for her; and she also has her own emotional baggage that needs to be repaired, too.

If you want to learn more (and hopefully derive needed guidance for this project), here's the GGJ link:

How Can I Help?

As stated before, I need the help of volunteers to help me complete this unfinished game and give it polish. I will act as the director, writer, UI designer, and programmer.
Right now, the two required positions are the following.

CHARACTER DESIGNER / ARTIST: Will be responsible for the character design, sprites, and event CGs to be implemented, replacing the free assets I've used for the GGJ version. Background/UI artists need not apply, since I will be retaining the backgrounds and UI used for the GGJ version to emphasize the game's roots. The event CGs will be done in manga-/comic-panel style, a la Phantasy Star IV: the End of the Millennium.
MUSICIAN: Will handle the music for this game. Maximum of ten songs can be needed. Vocal theme song optional.

The two optional positions are the following.

VOICE ACTORS: This is practically the first time that my game will have any sort of voice acting. Since the story will not reach 10,000 words, a fully-voiced version may be possible during the 1-month time limit.
EDITOR: Even though I am a stickler for grammar, my English can be a little wonky due to being bilingual. So if you're applying to become an editor, you must be a native English speaker who can understand the context behind my writing.

Furthermore, as both required and optional staff members, you can also help in the expansion of the story, because I really want this to be rich in character development.

Anything Else I Want to Know?

1. This game will be 100% free, with no strings attached. No DLC, no microtransactions, no anything else that will make Jim Sterling cry.
2. This game will be released exclusively on
3. This project will be a volunteer-based one. No one, not even yours truly, will get paid.
4. This project will be demonstrated at local gaming conventions and casual game dev meetups led by IGDA Philippines.
5. As stated before, this game will not reach 10,000 words, or roughly an hour's worth of reading.
6. Communication via Discord is mandatory. I'm active in the DevTalk+ and Love VN Dev channels, and my Discord username is MoonlightBomber#0829.
7. As this is a NaNoRenO project, this should be finished by the end of March. Post-jam bug fixes are allowed if necessary.

How to Apply?

You can drop me a line in this thread, you can DM me in Discord, or even contact me on itch.

Have fun!
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