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Looking for VN team

#1 Post by ConradAnime » Sat Feb 08, 2020 3:27 am

This is a free project that I'm thinking I want to create a VN team that is interested in making this game idea that I have with me

Every year there is a party being held by the family of Zodiacs .The Zodiacs leader is the family of Astral
But they have perished a long time ago the Leo Family is the one keeping all of them together .As successor of each family they are tasked to attend an academy to learn how to handle each business of the Zodiacs .Just as they are entering the academy a news about a descendant of the astral family shake their world . Like a koi fish in a pond a member of the astral family brings luck to those around them
“The fate of the Zodiac and Astral has always been one”
Like a ticking time bomb if they can’t find their leader the stars said their lucks would get reversed to worst.

Aries -Ace- Angry soft boy:
He is always competitive and likes winning ,he would rather die than lose ,the on flip side is that he is insecure of Lance ,he is the first house the Aries so him being weaker than any other is frustrating him especially when Lance get picked as the leader .

Taurus-Caesar- Flirty Male:
You will see Caesar with a girl 24/7 he is a lady’s man and he won’t stop at flirting any time of the day but behind those flirty smile is his yearning for love as his mother has left them and his father has a new spouse every month.

Gemini-Arth –Dual Persoality:
The most Bipolar out of all the Zodiacs Arth can be a clingy person and might seem the most normal out of them but the more you talk with him the more cold he is .He saw how his sister got destroyed but gossips so he has a pretty sharp tongue

Cancer-Connor- The Mom of the Group :
Connor is the caretaker of the big group he usually take cares of their mess remind them their assignment and more ,the only challenge that you might face in his character is his obsession with not letting go as his past of being left behind by others is eating him .

Leo –Lance-Optimistic Leader :
The approachable and friendly one,he has a charisma that makes others follow him .The only switch he has is that he is scary when he is angry probably the most scary of all of them the thing he hates the most is lies ,The problem you’ll face with him is a cheating gossip with another man .

Virgo-Holland –Quiet Honor Student :
Holland is one of the most wise individual you would ever meet he is usually soft spoken so you would often see him in the library people deemed him cold but he is the most helpful person you would meet .The only down flip of your relationship would be professors and other students that says you’re a bad influence .

Libra-Allen –Perfect Beauty :
As a child Allen has always been a beauty making heads turn to his direction left and right ,he is always just and equal that he is a perfect gentleman not like Caesar who flirts left and right ,You will touch upon his insecurity of maintaining a perfect appearance as his mother drilled into his head he must be a perfect being at all times.

Scorpio-Vince –Unapproachable gangster:
Don’t get too close with him he will seriously end you, unlike Ace he is the most violent of all of the squad combined and you can see him with his brows ceased almost every second .Once he has an impression of you it stays unless something happened .The story will tackle on how he got into his gang and his sad childhood because of his scary face .

Sagittarius-Michael-Cute Frank Male:
He is the cutest thing you will see one look and you can see that he is innocent to the point that he says what he really thinks honestly without any filter .Michael is a person being ignored by everyone because of his character .

Capricorn-Ryan-Timid Artist:
Out of all he is the most shy and timid with a pessimistic strike in his character .He can voice his feelings only when pushed his buttons but he is so strong he aint a pushover but detest violence so he usually don’t use his skills ,Ryan’s only downside on his route would be him continuously pushing you away and a rival

Aquarius-Grey-Poker Face boy:
You really can’t read his mind if Holland is the quiet type the you can deem Grey a robot he usually doesn’t speak and the moment he does random scientific and fantasy type things is heard ,the most highlight of him is his never changing poker face that leads you to thinking he hates you. His story will uncover about an old flame and its his former science teacher.

Pisces-Kai-Athlete Swimmer :
He is one of the approachable zodiac he is your best friend and is willing to listen to you but beware he is an idiot but has a good grasp on feelings and such .The side story would be his injury and fans.

Default name-Thania –Astral Princess:
She will be the playable character of this game and will be the one to help each of the characters per story .

The game will have a total of 12 routes if we can manage

the team is open for :

Bg artist=for the background and places where the story is located.
Bgm =someone who can make original music
This can be a long term project depending on how fast we work .

You can contact me on my email Mizuthornblaze@gmail.com
This is my discord ConradAnime#1771
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Re: Looking for VN team

#2 Post by LordMuma » Sat Feb 08, 2020 5:33 am

I can work as a programmer.
Send me a DM either here or Discord Muma#3909

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Re: Looking for VN team

#3 Post by TrianglePlayhouse » Mon Feb 10, 2020 11:36 pm

This idea looks interesting, though I would advise to consider breaking the VN into smaller episodes/ parts, e.g. 3 episodes with 4 characters each.
12 character routes for a single game is challenging to work with, especially so in a small team, if you wish to create a substantially long story with fully fleshed out routes that are not simply a copy-and-paste work.

I haven't decided if I could help in this project but I'll keep an eye on this nevertheless. All the best!

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Re: Looking for VN team

#4 Post by ConradAnime » Tue Feb 11, 2020 2:57 am

I plan to like putting them in group like the first years ,second years then lastly the third year group

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Sophie Markov
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Re: Looking for VN team

#5 Post by Sophie Markov » Wed Feb 12, 2020 5:22 pm

I strongly recommend exchanging Capricorn and Aquarius. Assuming that the zodiac references are supposed to be valid. Capricorns are supposed to be super-serious, super-practical beings, old from the moment they were born. Shy artists do not really come in the Capricorn variety. Aquarius are supposed to be dreamy idealists (Age of Aquarius, baby, Harmony and Understanding), nothing like the poker-face you described.

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Re: Looking for VN team

#6 Post by MeganeRose » Fri Feb 21, 2020 11:33 pm

I sent you an email! I'm a writer and I'd love to work on a project like this!

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Re: Looking for VN team

#7 Post by Ladythief1997 » Wed Mar 25, 2020 12:33 am

Hi Conrad I saw your board on Lemmasoft, I can be an editor and co-writer. I really love the idea you’ve got for the zodiacs. I sent you a friend request on Discord!
Writer looking for EXP go ahead and hit me up. ;D You know you want to.

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