We need a marketer for our studio

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We need a marketer for our studio

#1 Post by Lightworker » Fri Feb 14, 2020 12:37 am

Hello, I am Happiness+ aka Lightworker
I am the Director of Programming here at Watercress Studios.
We have an opening for a new marketing position :D

This is an unpaid position.
We are planning to make commercial titles in the future but for now we are a volunteer organization.

Admirable Qualities
Conflict resolver
Problem solver
Good vibes


Request that department members redact statements made on various channels, including sub-reddits.

Should this request not be met, choosing the administrative action is at the discretion of the Marketing Department. However, the actual execution thereof is at the discretion of the Studio Director.

Marketing department note: Please keep in mind that while secrecy is of importance, it is not of dire/utmost importance.
Assist the Marketing Director in necessary actions to promote the world's knowledge of Watercress (That is to say, contribute to the marketing process)

Demand that a studio member redact statements made on various "owned" channels, including flagship subreddits (This demand may not necessarily be met, but the PR Department reserves the right to attempt the demand anyhow. See above)

A Marketing Department Member may not single-handedly demand nor enforce the removal of a communication outside of official Watercress social media/resources.

Promptly report up the chain of command

Be active at least 5 hours of week, no more than 10. Hours may change during a jam session like NaNoReNo

What do you get for working with us?

Cosmic love ❤️
We can build up your portfolio.

If you would like to join us, drop me a DM on discord or twitter.
My Discord is Happiness+#1168
Or stop by at our discord channel

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