NSFW free project looking for programmer

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NSFW free project looking for programmer

#1 Post by Jedi_Andrew » Sat Feb 15, 2020 6:54 am

Hello everyone!
I really hope, that my thread will not disturb anyone.

So... The main reason I'm looking for programmer - is learning new stuff and practice it. The very basic things already known, but I'm struggle with some things, which requires advanced programming skills. Learning Ren'Py docs is not very helpful for me, as asking the questions in discord channels, or else - just because of difficulty with undrstanding (I'm not english speaking, I guess you already noticed it). So, I need someone who can tell me all those programming stuff in more understandable way.

As you can see - my project is NSFW parody game (another one, :mrgreen: ). For that project I need to learn:

- variables (character stats and etc.);
- daytime system and calendar system;
- inventory;
- advanced GUI customization;
- turn-based battle system;
- few different mini-games.

As a result - I'm okay with waiting your free time for this project, and I'm NOT asking you to write all the code - I just need to learn and understand few parts :mrgreen:

Feel free to PM me, but discord would be better.
Sorry for my bad English. Peace. 8)

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