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VN team needs BG Artist, BGM, Male voice actors: Zodiac vn (A free project)

Posted: Mon Feb 24, 2020 10:18 am
by MeganeRose
I am a writer for a long-term visual novel project and we are looking for the following people who would be interested in joining us.
Background Artist: Open
Background Music and Sound effects: Closed
Male Voice Actors: Closed (Might reopen if we need more later)

If the project is something you would like to work on either message me on here or on discord: MeganeRose#8326

The project:
Celestial Fates
The Zodiac families take turns hosting the Starlight Festival every year, as a way of getting together to maintain current affairs. The Leo family are the current leaders of the Zodiac families, after the tragic attack on the Astral family, killing all members of the high ruling family. The Astral family have always been lucky, they led the Zodiac families with a fair and just hand. After many years, as the heirs of the Zodiac families get ready to enrol in the Academy, rumours start spreading.
There is talk of the impossible, a descendant of the Astral family. The Zodiac families find out that the rumours are true, when a stunning beauty named Aria(default name) shows up at the Academy, ready to take her place as the long-lost Astral Princess. After all, the fate of the Zodiacs and Astral families have always been intertwined.

This is a gxb visual novel where the LI's are split into different houses in the Academy based on their zodiac elemental sign. The vn will have roughly 10 chapters per route (with 4 common chapters). There is a good mixture of light fluffy routes and some darker routes. As well as good endings and bad endings.


Water: House Nero

Cancer- Connor – The Caring One:
Connor is caring, practical and intuitive. Usually the one who is taking care of the other boys, Connor spares no effort when it comes to his friends. He will usually be the one who tries to herd the group in the right direction, making sure no one is left behind. Connor has had a rough past, often being neglected by his family which was caused him to have an extreme fear of being left behind by his group of friends as well.

Scorpio-Sebastian –Unapproachable gangster:
Sebastian is regarded with slight distain from the Zodiac community and seen as a darkhorse. He is dangerous, sexy and intelligent. You’ll be warned to stay away and not get too close, by Sebastian himself, as everyone around him gets hurt. After being drawn into a gang, Sebastian has had nothing but a sad childhood, will MC be able to get close and see the lonely underneath the dark exterior?

Pisces- Pierce -Athlete Swimmer:
Pierce is clumsy, spacey but driven. He is driven by his emotions and often throws himself into things first without looking much at the consequences. He quickly is drawn to the MC and becomes her first friend at the Academy, however, he can get jealous when she starts to hang out with people. He has a lot of fans in the school due to being the best swimmer on the team and thus is sometimes horded by crowds.

Earth: House Gi

Taurus- Terrance - Flirty Male:
Terrance keeps him friends close, but his connections closer. He is extremely flirty and can always been seen flirting his way round a room, but only a small number of people get to see his true-self. His mother left when he was just a boy and whilst his father found solace in the arms of a new woman each month, Terrance was left alone. He is hardworking and once he sets a goal, he will achieve it, no matter how much willpower it takes.
Virgo- Vance–Quiet Honour Student:
Vance is the quiet honour student of the Academy, often soft spoken it can be hard for his to get his voice heard. He is one of the most generous and helpful people, willing to go to get lengths to aid those around him. He can normally be found at the Academy library where he is reading the next big book. As Vance is an honour student, during your friendship professors start to question if you really are the best influence for him.

Capricorn- Caleb- Poker Face boy:

Caleb is a stubborn boy, who always gets what he sets his mind to, no excuses. He has perfected his poker-face meaning that it can be hard to tell what he is truly feeling. He is an intelligent, detail-oriented and responsible. His love for science means this silent, distant scientist if often found in the labs, doing some new experiment. It is hard to properly get to know the boy underneath is distant mask, however, once you make friends with Caleb, he is extremely loyal and will always have your back.

Air: House Aeras

Gemini-Giovanni –Dual Personality:
Giovanni is a man with two sides, he can be clingy and needy one moment and the next he is acting like you are a stranger to him. He is normally an energetic and passionate boy, throwing himself headfirst into things. He can be nice and friendly, but he is never afraid to use his sharp tongue to tell you his opinion. Once he is cemented in your life, he will always be there for you. But it can be tricky to get there due to his issues trusting people after what happened to his sister.

Libra- Lorenzo –Perfect Beauty:
Lorenzo has been drilled about the importance of beauty and appearance since a young boy. His mother was obsessed with making his into the perfect gentleman and always expects him to keep up this façade. He is a charming boy, with a serene kind of beauty. As he is always playing the role of a perfect gentleman, he is liked by many people. However, his true friendship group is small. He is a master of diplomacy and his parents constantly expect him to be maintaining relationships and contracts with members of their social circle. Will MC be able to truly see behind his mask, or will she be fooled like everyone else?

Aquarius- Axel – Timid Artist:
Axel is a shy boy who prefers to spend time in the art studio rather then hanging out in a crowd. He has a strong sense of what is right and what is wrong and are concerned about others. Axel is quirky and shy but that does not mean that he is a pushover or aloof. He is often aware of the bigger picture and is good at seeing the connection between things. As he tries to juggle many things, it can he hard to tell if he really wants to be friends. He always tries to see the goodness in people, and he will never doubt you, even if the rest of the world does.

Fire: House Fotia

Aries -Ace- Angry soft boy:
Ace is extremely competitive and will always try to win. He is very independent and will never do something because it is popular, but because he wants to. He can be somewhat impulsive, going straight into dangerous situations without thinking. His parents put a lot of pressure on him to win against Leon, as they want to the be the leading Zodiac house. Ace is assertive and sexy meaning that once he sets his sights on you, you’ll have a hard time resisting.

Leo –Leon-Optimistic Leader:
Leon is naturally charismatic making it hard not to see him as the proclaimed leader of the Zodiacs. Both his intelligence and warmth make his approachable and friendly. However, underneath his friendly attitude is a boy who has always struggled with the pressure placed upon him, nothing he does is for himself, but for the good of the Zodiac community.

Sagittarius-Sol -Cute Male:
Sol grew up as an extremely lonely child, he was overshadowed by his older brother, who was meant to be the leader of the Sagittarius household, however due to a nasty accident he died. His parents turned to Sol, the only remaining heir. They constantly compare him to his dead brother, leaving this sweet boy with confidence issues. Whilst he is a cute and sweet boy, he does not hold back with his thoughts and will always tell his truth. Will he be forced to bear the burden of his house alone, or can he find his own path?

Default Name-Aria –Astral Princess:
The main character and overall bad-ass Astral Princess. Her personality will change depending on the route. But her main traits are that she is steadfast in her beliefs and she is not a pushover.

Re: VN team needs BG Artist, BGM, Male voice actors: Zodiac vn (A free project)

Posted: Tue Feb 25, 2020 8:28 pm
by Zelan
I would suggest letting people know how much work would be expected from anyone who joins the team. 5 backgrounds? 10? 50? It's something people like to know before committing to a project.