Looking for writer for a VN project.

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Looking for writer for a VN project.

#1 Post by Tekijaki » Mon Mar 02, 2020 4:08 pm

[Hobby Project] [CLOSED]
I’m an artist looking for a writer to collaborate with on a fantasy and romance Visual Novel game project in my spare time. It's about a witch school and you can choose different routes depending on which girl you like. It's a pretty standard format, but we still want to try to use this format to our advantage to make something good! Me and the programmer have already decided on most of the aspects of the setting, characters etc. but we really need help from someone with the plot, the routes and writing the script. Some of the script is already written but it's a very small part of the whole picture that we want to achieve. Obviously the writer's ideas and opinions are the most important when it comes to the story, but everyone should essentially have a say in how the story will go. You need to be from somewhere in the EU to make collaborating easier and to avoid huge timezone differences. Both me and the programmer are doing this for fun so there's no strict deadline, we're instead looking to work slow and steady.

DM me here or on discord for more info about the project if you're interested: Tekijaki#6759
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Re: Looking for writer for a VN project.

#2 Post by vnwriter » Sat Mar 14, 2020 2:59 pm

I'm interested and sent you a message on discord.

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