Looking for a team for a BL fantasy project!

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Looking for a team for a BL fantasy project!

#1 Post by 21s_noko » Wed Apr 01, 2020 3:45 pm

Hello! My name is Noko. I'm an artist and a writer, though art is more so my specialty. I'm the sprite / CG artist for this project.

The story is romance/fantasy based, with a nod at traditional Japanese folklore and the world of yokai. The plot follows a young man named Shiki, a recent high school graduate who lives in a small town haunted by the yokai that inhabit the forest surrounding it. The seasons never change, and the town is subjected to the curse of a harsh, never ending winter. One day he finds an injured man in the snow, who seems surprised that Shiki can see him...?

This game isn't a dating sim, like most BL novels. There is only one character that can be pursued, the branches just determine the fate Shiki will have with this character.

- Writer [I'd definitely work alongside you if you'd like. I don't have much fleshed out for the story so if you like the premise of it, it's totally up for your interpretation]
- BG artist
- Music composer

This project is unpaid. This is my first attempt at a visual novel so I'm more so seeking out the experience with drawing / programming than anything. If it ends up being uploaded as a pay what you want type deal, the profits will be split.

DM me, or contact me over on discord at Noko#4649

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