[OPEN] VN team expansion! Looking for new artist for Gay furry Visual Novel. [NSFW]

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[OPEN] VN team expansion! Looking for new artist for Gay furry Visual Novel. [NSFW]

#1 Post by TheTopazUwU » Thu May 14, 2020 1:56 pm

Topaz Game Studio presents: "Duty Calls"
When Duty Calls,

And men do die,

Upon the bloodied ground,

Within your arms,

Shall they lay,


Heaven bound."

Hello everybody!

Topaz Game Studio is looking for an experienced individual to assist in the development and audio experience of "Duty Calls" A linear plot-driven, NSFW gay dating sim.

About "Duty Calls:


Duty Calls is the story of an 18-year-old human cleric drafted into the military of the Tramoran Empire. in a world where humans are considered second class citizens, our human protagonist is brought into a military training camp to be the primary medical caretaker of 7 other men of various species during their summer-long exploits to become fully-fledged soldiers.

Will this new responsibility lead to failure and embarrassment? Or will this opportunity lead to something else entirely unexpected, such as death, betrayal, or even...love?

What we're looking for:

The team is currently looking for an additional artist to help in sprite development. We already have a full-time artist, and thus some skills in matching art style would be very beneficial. There will be plenty of room for artist expression as well during CG development and additional sprite creation.

This is an unpaid position currently, with plenty of opportunities on the release of the demo to receive fiscal compensation.

Interested? Contact Topaz on Discord via Topaz#5537

About us:

Topaz Game Studios is a relatively young game studio dedicated to making quality VN's and pushing the boundaries further and further on other visual media creation. Currently, we're made up of 8 amazing people. Two writers. Two artists. Two programmers. And two "support staff" who aid in odd jobs and in social media management.

We're actively constructing the demo for "Duty Calls" and hope to have a finished, playable product by early June so we can release it to the wonderful furry community.

The most important thing to our team is of course to create great projects that people will actively enjoy playing, but also provide a space and atmosphere in which like-minded individuals can come together. Laugh. Brain-storm and Joke.

We're a family first, and a game studio second.

We hope to hear back soon!

- Topaz Team

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Re: [OPEN] VN team expansion! Looking for new artist for Gay furry Visual Novel. [NSFW]

#2 Post by giao nguyen » Wed Jun 17, 2020 7:03 am

[just asking] If you still are looking for the environment artist, please contact me via private message :D thank you so much!

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