[Closed for now] Looking for 3D Artist for Adult dating sim [NSFW]

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[Closed for now] Looking for 3D Artist for Adult dating sim [NSFW]

#1 Post by Admiral Succubus » Thu May 21, 2020 5:19 pm

Project: “Layla’s Corruption”

Developer: Admiral Succubus

Contributing: I am the writer, as such I will be creating the plot and dialog for the game. As well as coming up with character design ideas to propose to the artist. I am currently partnered with a programmer. We are in need of an artist.

Development details: At this point, I have written the entire prologue (Introduction, whatever you’d like to call it) and have begun to work on the story of the first target. We also have a solid foundation for the game’s functions.

Looking for: 3D Artist proficient in Koikatsu style!

Employment Type: Share

Work commitment: Long term. My goal here is not for a quick hire, it is to form a team! As far as days/ hours that is to be determined by the team and their availability! Just a heads up this will be a long project. It is mainly for fun and to give us something to be proud of! But it is also in the hopes that the game will be successful enough to make us some money and get our names out there. But patience will be our greatest ally in this battle for greatness! That being said I do hope each member will be able to contribute a reasonable amount, so as not to keep the public waiting, if it comes to that! Which hopefully it will!

Preferred method of contact: Discord

Job Description: The artist will obviously be responsible for designing the characters, illustrating the H-scenes, backgrounds etc.

Brief concept summary: This will be a Ren’Py style dating sim. The MC Layla (Which the player will be given the choice to rename) is cursed by a succubus causing her lady parts to morph into a male appendage. (If this kind of a female protagonist is not your thing, this project may not be for you!) In order to be freed of her curse she must corrupt 10 souls with the taint of sexual lust. So essentially it will be, like, a dating simulator…pretty much ha-ha! The player will improve on skills but mainly for recreational use and making money. The player will have 2 routes to work towards for each target. Each target will have different route combinations. Just as an example, depending on dialog choices, the MC will lean towards a submissive or dominate role in the final H-scene. The player will need to establish a certain number of relationship points to proceed in the story of each target. Gifting and going on adventures will increase relationship points. That is just a very brief concept summary, but if you are interested in this concept, I will share the full prologue and planned game functions summary. It is quite long, about 17 pages (Prologue). For that reason it is for serious inquiries only. I am taking this project very seriously and hope to be able to actively work on it with my team! Take note, this is a rough draft of the story line and is as free of grammar issues as I could get it, up until now! But don't worry if you find any mistakes, this will obviously be corrected quickly as we begin our work! Do mention any mistakes you are concerned about though, so that I may fix them quicker! It will also be improved upon, content wise, if need be...before we release it!

The goal for the game isn’t just to be engaging, and sexually exciting but to also have a rich and fulfilling story. Especially when it comes to the characters and their relationships. Captivating the hearts of the players while keeping them entertained. As well as a little bit of comedy with the narrator breaking the 4th wall on occasion.

Additional comments: My goal here is to form a team that will not only enjoy working together and have fun but may even become lifelong friends! As a writer, I wish to share my passion and work with the world. I just lack the artistic capabilities and knowledge of technology. If you are interested, please let me know and have some sample works for me to review to see if you would be a good fit!

Any profit made on the project will be divided equally among members. No members are permitted to greater shares and no members will be reduced to smaller shares. This is non-negotiable and an important part of our agreement. That may seem unfair to some, especially if they feel their contribution requires more time and effort than others. So you must be ok with the idea that it will be an even split if you wish to join the team!

The prologue is quite long but we will give the players an option to skip it, if they don’t want to read it all. For those who love to read, it will be great! I put a good amount of time into creating the premise of the story so I hope everyone likes it and the game comes out as I dream! Keep in mind the prologue build on the concept of the story and isn’t the story in and of itself. The story is developed through the targets. The introductory story has already been protected by copyright for my safety. However, once we have completed the game I will reapply for the copyright to be under all of our names. That will be reflected in our contract. I will also include, in the contract, that I will not be utilizing the copyright I currently hold to seize any assets of the game when we are finished. Hopefully, that goes without saying because I want there to be trust between us but for the peace of mind of my soon-to-be team, I figured I’d bring that up and reflect that in our contract. I am a very energetic and easy to get along with person, so I look forward to hearing from you! Any other questions you may have, feel free to ask! Find me on Discord (Admiral Succubus#1503) or message me here =) I am quite flexible and laid back, so let’s have fun and make something great! Something, sexy and memorable! Let’s make our mark on this world and share our creativity! Cheers!

-Admiral Succubus <3

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