Looking for short stories to adapt

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black polar bear
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Looking for short stories to adapt

#1 Post by black polar bear » Fri May 22, 2020 12:24 pm

Hi there

If you're a writer or just happen to have a short story lying around that you would like to see it made into a visual novel, then please share it with me. I want to play around with renpy but for that I need a story and I am many things but a writer I'm not.

I love to experiment with the format of media, as an example here is my first "visual novel": https://black-polarbear.itch.io/i-want-to-die
Its not great and if you trust me with your story I promise you I wont be as lazy but also I wont do a typical VN.

What I'm looking for: :D
- Some really short stories, it could just be one conversation or a story of a whole race, as long as its short it works.
- Any genre is cool but I would prefer weird and unique stuff

What do you get in return? :shock:
Absolutely jackshit honestly, lets be real I don't have followers to say I'll give you "exposure" or something. But like we can be friends, quarantine buddys cause we're all in a bad place right now with too much time in our hands.

Interested? add me on Discord ian od#2133

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