I'm a side character in a BL story! [YaoiJam][Free][I need lots of help]

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I'm a side character in a BL story! [YaoiJam][Free][I need lots of help]

#1 Post by Red-Baby » Tue Jul 28, 2020 5:03 am


A mysterious transfer student appears one day and seems to have history with your best friend.
Do you help them become a couple, or get in their way?


Characters: (left) Danny, the transfer student, (middle) Jodeci, the player character, (right) Peter, the best friend.

This game is a parody of the 'New Transfer Student' trope.
When Danny arrives at your school, it's not you that he's interest in, but your best friend. They seem to have history with each other, and it's up to you to either find out what it is, or just do your bit as the side character of a BL story and push them together to become the main couple.

Imasidecharacter is a spin-off of my other game I'm a love interest in my childhood friend's reverse harem!!!. It's being made for YaoiJam2020, is short (<8k words) and currently has 3 endings.

Genres: Parody, Slice-of-life, Boys Love, Drama

What I need help with:
- CG artist (Filled)
- Icon/Item artist
- GUI Artist
- Composer
- Beta testers (Quality check and sensitivity checkers)

Would be nice to also have:
- Additional sprite artist (you must be able to mimic my style)
- Programmer (if you know how to code GUI that's what I am mainly looking for)
- Voice actors (Applications OPEN)

Payment: Since this is a short non-comm project for a jam, I have a very limited budget that I can use to repay people.
If you are open to negotiate prices that would be most welcomed. If you are open to trades, I can write and draw.
Everyone that works on the game will be credited!

If this is something you'd be keen to be part of, please comment below, PM me, or contact me via discord Red#8891 or twitter @WitPOP
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Re: I'm a side character in a BL story! [YaoiJam][Free][I need lots of help]

#2 Post by Mutive » Tue Jul 28, 2020 11:58 am

This looks hilarious. :) I'm currently busy with a number of other projects, but would be happy to beta test once it is ready. Feel free to ping me then. :)
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