[Open/edit] Murder Mystery/Sci-fi Visual Novel looking for CG artist + Puzzle Designers and more

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[Open/edit] Murder Mystery/Sci-fi Visual Novel looking for CG artist + Puzzle Designers and more

#1 Post by Vnigma » Fri Oct 09, 2020 11:37 am

HACK-IT: Murder on a Cruise Ship



We are a free project looking for expanding the team, we are designing a Murder Mystery visual novel with gameplay elements similar to 999, and we are looking for some help.
our goal with this visual novel is release the demo for free and if it recieves positive reviews we may make it a profitable project in the future.

Hackett, a private investigator, he is hired by a company to retrieve data from another company, both companies are scheduled to meet on a cruise ship (The Rosemary) and that is when the hacking was supposed to happen.... his job is interrupted when a body was found dead aboard the ship and his focus turns into investigating the Murder. (Edit: we have also found a scene writer as well)

What do we have:

We already have a main story writer, artist and a programmer (all me btw :) ) which can be quite a load, as for the progress, we have created sprites for all main characters and we are currently working on Animation as well (the game will include animated sprites)

What we are looking for:

We are looking to assemble a team, but we are lacking organized teamwork and dialogue elements, and since the game has hacking elements in it, we are looking to add more gameplay elements that compliment that, so in short we need the following:

- CG artists.

- puzzle and gameplay elements creator.

Here are some screenshots from the game:




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