Climate Jam 2021 [Solar Sails] Artists Urgently Needed!

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Frost Berry
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Climate Jam 2021 [Solar Sails] Artists Urgently Needed!

#1 Post by Frost Berry » Thu Apr 22, 2021 4:32 pm

Happy Earth Day everyone! After participating in NaNoReNo 2021 this year, our small team will be participating in Climate Jam 2021 hosted by IndieCade and Lab-X by the NAS. The theme for this jam is finding solutions to our environmental problems. In less than 10 days, we would love to produce a visual novel about the environmental impacts of cruise ships and show a proposal of a green energy sustainable cruise ship. We need your help though!

Kayla and Ali are two best friends at the verge of their graduation from high school, when they’re each surprised by their parents with tickets to the world’s first Green Energy Cruise Ship. Coming from an extremely polluted city, their dream is to see the power of technology and science change the effect that pollution has on the world. With a promising and exciting trip ahead of them, the two of them are caught off guard by a plot aboard the ship, designed to assassinate the creators of the new technology.

Roles Needed:

Background Artist

CG Artist

Discord: Lancer#0894

Link to jam:

We are urgently looking to fill these roles, please contact me if you're interested as soon as you can!

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