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[otomejam] Cyberpunk VN looking for GUI Artist, Background Artist, & More

Posted: Wed May 12, 2021 9:42 am
by raynetempura
Hello! My name is Ashley and I am entering otomejam for the first time this year with a cyberpunk visual novel about these agents called couriers who move sensitive data offline for paying customers. They traverse their concrete jungle with the help of high-tech neural enhancing bodysuits called ZERO-suits, or "jackets" on the street. The MC, codenamed Skylark, works for a courier company called The Aviary. Her day has been like any other until, on the way to meet a friend, she encounters an unsettling man who broke into a data collection outpost and stole a data spike. After reclaiming it, her world is tilted upside down as strangers suddenly flood her life with information that changes everything.

The MC is codenamed Skylark, though the player can input a custom first and last name. They will be able to choose between four sprite models to represent their courier.

Romantic Interests:

- Marcus Valera, codenamed Cardinal: Skylark's partner. Cardinal is a tall, muscular man who is both tough and playful.
- Ashraf Sarraf, nicknamed Ash: Skylark's nerdy friend. Ash is a soft-spoken, socially awkward guy who is good with tech.
- Liam: a mysterious stranger who confronts Skylark with an uncomfortable truth about the ZERO-suit and her future.

Plus, there are a handful of other characters, friends and enemies alike.

What I Have:

I have used artbreeder for a bulk of the artwork, which includes concept-style cityscapes and sprites, and realistic portraits used as side images. I decided to try it out to see if it would work, and I thought the art looked surprisingly nice together. There is an unfinished quality to the artwork that works for the genre.

Currently, I have all of the sprites and their side image portraits, and all of the cityscape backgrounds. The script is still a work in progress, though the story is planned out, and I intend to code the game myself.

What I'm Looking For:

- A GUI artist to create a custom GUI for the game. I have some ideas already, but I am completely open to new designs. I was thinking something clean and simple.
- A background artist! It's my hope to have the backgrounds match the unpolished/concept art style of the cityscapes I built in artbreeder. I will need 6-10 BGs.
- A CG artist. Having their style match the unpolished/concept art style of the backgrounds and sprites would be neat, but also not necessary. CGs less than 10.
- A composer. It would be really awesome to have some custom tracks to properly set the tone of the story.

Because this is for otomejam, all of the roles are strictly volunteer. If you're interested at all in the project and would like to be involved, even if you don't fit into any of the listed roles, I would love to hear from you. It would be great to have partners on this project in any capacity! If you would like to learn more or join up, comment below or message me on Discord at Red#6095.