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#1 Post by Johan » Sat May 15, 2021 11:24 am


Hello! :D

I'm looking for someone who can help me out with 4 CGs for my free Visual Novel "And I saw the stars falling down..."
Since I want the CGs to have the same style, the person who asks for this position must finish all these 4 CGs.
Preferably, in this style. It doesn't have to be all perfect! (So if you are still practicing your drawings skills, you can apply for this role too!) It just needs to look good in general ^^

I'm also looking for someone who can create 1 original BGM of at least 2 minutes for the game.

Finally, I ALSO need an Editor who can look through the whole script and check any grammatical errors, since english is not my first language and I ALWAYS have troubles with prepositions, past perfect tenses and, sometimes, syntax OTL

(Btw, the script is still *NOT* finished! I only need to finish writing the last 4 scenes. So, if you apply for this position, I'll let you know when the whole script is finished, so you can start working on it (it'll be around november))

These are not paid positions.[/size]

There IS a deadline: First week of November.

Email: johan.writing@gmail.com
Discord: Johan#7444

Here's a demo, if you wanna know more about the story!
Commission me!
(Logos & Pocket Chibis!)

Check it out here!

◤ And I saw the stars ★ falling down... ◢
Check the official DEMO!

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