[FREE][OPEN] Infinite Ouroboros – A tribute to the Infinity Series and I/O (Mystery | Sci-fi | Drama)

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[FREE][OPEN] Infinite Ouroboros – A tribute to the Infinity Series and I/O (Mystery | Sci-fi | Drama)

#1 Post by NoBirdcage » Mon Aug 15, 2022 2:24 pm

Disclaimer: We already posted the same content in "Creative Corner", however we believe the recruitment section may be more suitable for our post. So if any mod wants to remove one of both posts, please keep this one. Thank you!

Hello Lemma Soft!

NoBirdcage is a small group of nonprofessional "indie-developers", consisting of a long-term coder, a slightly overambitious scenario writer and a Californian art-student. What we share in common is our love for the Visual Novels from this century's early years, when companies still valued actual plot-depth and multilayered twists. Contrary to other genres, the sci-fi and mystery mixture isn't as popular today – which we think is quite sad for the time and effort scenario writers pour into them.

Perhaps it's a wink of fate (and a stroke of luck?) that brought us together. We became inspired by now legendary mind-screws such as Uchikoshi's famous Infinity Series and Nakazawa's cyberpunk-classic Inputs/Outputs (I/O). While we acknowledge the flaws some of those games have, we still loved the giant jigsaw puzzles they made you assemble.

As there's been a bit of progress with our project over these last few months, we now want to take this opportunity to make an official announcement for Infinite Ouroboros – a Visual Novel of our own making.

We haven't started writing anything out yet, but we're quite far into conception and will provide detailed blurbs and our complete scenario concept at the end of this post. Of course we'll also explain what the heck Infinite Ouroboros is actually about, just wait a bit ;)

— What we're looking for —

Artists: Background artists and character artists. We got one for the latter part already, but support is always helpful.

Scenario writing assistance: This is our main worry. As you'll see further below, our concept is based on a multi-era narration and therefore quite ambitious. Any help with world building, scenario conception and actual writing is GREATLY appreciated.

Editors / Proofreaders: Pretty much for the same reason as mentioned above. We'll write a rather complex story, and therefore any help from grammar nerds as well as well as from consistency checkers is healthy for our project.

— What this project is about —

Note: For spoiler-reasons, the following focuses mainly on drama aspects. However, that doesn't mean sci-fi and mystery elements aren't important. You can read up on how exactly we plan to incorporate them here:

https://www.reddit.com/r/WriteWithMe/co ... _multiera/

Genre-wise, Infinite Ouroboros sits somewhere in between a sci-fi based mystery and a historical drama.
In fact, the idea to Infinite Ouroboros came to our minds at the end of February – as Europe had to witness yet another needless bloodshed, that is still ongoing even now.

We should not forget wars have never died, and never will. Be it Russia and Ukraine, Israel and Palestine, China and Taiwan. Circumstances vary, yet the goal remains the same. Weapons differ, yet the blood still flows. Strategies adapt, yet the fear spreads further.

As such, one famous quote still holds true:
War. War never changes.
We're not ripping off Fallout here, don't worry. It's just that those words came to our minds quite often during the conception process. There's a myriad of different ways to start a war, but in the end we all suffer the same. Even though we all want peace in our hearts, humanity likes to forget. Just how did we come this far...?

This is what Infinite Ouroboros seeks to explain. As it dives into each era, it gives an outlook on the abyss of humanity as well as the rare people who'd act in selfless courage. It starts off in the early 20th century and recounts upon the interconnected stories of six individuals, as they determine their and their descendants inevitable fate:

Italy, 1901 — War of blood (and revenge)

A bodyguard to the King of Italy, caught up in a tragic dilemma.

Great Britain, 1936 — War of disdain (and love)

An outcast student, who clings to a straw of hope.

Russia, 1946 — War of extortion (and hope)

A Russian agent, who would soon stumble between both fronts.

Germany, 1989 — War of deception (and truth)

A German journalist, in doubt about his own beliefs.

France, 2022 — War of freedom (and resistance)

A young couple of activists, bound together by an unwavering conviction.

Belgium, 2038 — War of science (and revolution)

A university graduate, shouldering the fate of the world.

(The full blurbs can be found at the end of this post)

These eras will depict the struggles of the suppressants and the suppressed, the manipulative and the naive, the wealthy and the poor. Each story will reflect upon both sides of a medal, from the early days of a decisive century up to a future far away – and a fate affecting all of them.

Before long, the two opponents' conflict will adopt new shapes. Cybercrimes surge as disastrous demons, enabling our leaders matched deterrents. Defense we know becomes forgotten, as a novel science is discovered.

Humanity's armageddon might never be of mass-destruction. Much rather could it be of mass-deception. The war for truth has long awoken, way before the serpent's birth. As it devours mankind's past and present, what may be born from Ouro's tail?

The one thing {I} know for sure is this:

Ouro's fate is either yearned for blessing – or the fearsome judgment.

— of a world {I} call TRUE.
— of a world {you} call REAL.

…and of the worlds {we} call INFINITE.


If you want to know more or would like to support the project, then join our discord server!


As promised, the full blurbs...

https://docs.google.com/document/d/1XMg ... sp=sharing

...and the current scenario concept:

https://docs.google.com/document/d/1zvN ... sp=sharing

The latter is obviously a heavy WIP, so don't expect it to be an easy read for someone uninvolved.

PS: Don't mind the few jokes on the scenario concept, we're just normal human beings like anyone else lol

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