Pixelated dot-io HTML game

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Pixelated dot-io HTML game

#1 Post by JamieDW » Mon Sep 10, 2018 4:04 pm

So, I was watching a Markiplier video some three years ago. I was scrolling through the comments and found someone suggesting a .io HTML-based game. The link he gave took me to an 8-bit pixelated choose-your-own-adventure game (Not sure if it qualifies as a VN).

The premise is that there are four main characters (a normal guy, his girlfriend, a cop?, a businessman) who wake up in a burning building. In each short scenario, you get to choose who lives (you save them by blocking the fire's path) and who dies (basically, the opposite). You get a different ending depending on the character(s) who live after three scenarios. Some endings feature hopeless situations where all characters are impossible to save at the second scenario. Like some VNs and games, when you view all the endings...
the game opens differently and everyone remembers what happened in every story branch a la Zero Escape. This opens up a new branch where you are able to save EVERYONE and reach the golden ending.
Anyone knows this game? It's basically one of those hidden gems I would want to recommend to everyone but I just can't remember the name. :)
Besides, what interest is there?
It's not as if everyone is going to care, anyway.

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Re: Pixelated dot-io HTML game

#2 Post by Zelan » Tue Sep 11, 2018 10:18 pm

The game is called "No-one has to die." It can be played on Kongregate here.

I played it a year or so ago; I remember liking it; originally I found the gameplay mechanic boring and saw it as just something quick to get through so that I could continue reading the story, but thinking back on it I think it was actually really effective (in terms of the narrative) to watch the flames creep closer and closer towards the doomed character. The story itself was a bit convoluted, but the characters were all interesting and it was certainly something to think about.

Actually, now that you've reminded me of it and I've gone to the trouble of digging up the link, I think I'm going to play through it again. ^_^

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