11 Eyes initial impressions.

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11 Eyes initial impressions.

#1 Post by SilentWolfie » Thu May 26, 2011 12:51 pm

11 Eyes spawned an anime, manga adaption. Errr... hmmmmm..... I have no idea what this game is about, neither have I watched the anime.


Prologue starts off in 13th century (1200-1300), where the player is tossed into a world of HELL, where descriptions of horrific deaths are written in NVL detail. Burning black and crimson, the terror and pain can be felt easily through a very strong organ (MUSIC) - like orchestra. That really mean(t) that organ(s) are spilled everywhere. There are also mentions of key words like "prayers", "gods" and "churches". In no way however is it related to the black death, since the appearance of it takes place in 1350 or something. It is hinted that the narrator/protagonist dies a death, and what he describes as "respite". Death is better, than watching all the horrific deaths.

Back to the present:

Initial impressions of the game has been pretty good. I was instantly sucked into the world of Kakeru Satsuki (皐月 駆 Satsuki Kakeru), where he is blind in his right eye since birth. Given how the prologue started, it felt as if it was hinting that something epic was going to happen, and he will be at the center of it all. His female Osananajimi (childhood fren) and him are both orphans and adopted by a very nice family, and thusly starts off as a high school setting.

Enables selection of resolution sizes, plus various things.


T-Time. I can't find the full screen button, seems that it's missing one. Widescreen...


Kakeru Satsuki has a dead sister who died of suicide. Another mystery, besides his mysterious blind eye and another crazy prologue. When he remembers the events where he found his sister dead in the bath, where her wrists are deeply cut, there's an accompaniment of static noises and the urge to vomit/puke/regurgitate. He managed to get over that moment with his bestest osananajimi Yuka Minase (水奈瀬 ゆか Minase Yuka). The remnants of it, however are still there, and leads him to having angst and emo.

The English scene, 11eyes ~Tsumi to Batsu to Aganai no Shoujo~ patch has maybe 5% translated (around 1-2 hours).


On the other hand I have T-Time (chinese company) a full game in chinese translation. They did 11 eyes CROSS OVER version, and the protagonist is partially voiced (?) by Daisuke Ono, but H scenes are removed (sob).

I remember buying their symphonic rain and played like 1 route lol before quitting. Was like 15-16... first few VNs played ever in my life. Female pursuable lost her voice because her crazy monster dad ruined it, and I was wtfffff?! Ended up mistreating the DVD because of that and losing the discs (somewhere in the house). I think it had the most annoying starforce protection as well. Thank goodness for cracks nowadays...

Anyway, digressing. Our hero Kakeru and Yuka was parting ways with two other BFF and suddenly poof, they got transported into a world that's stained with red, just like the prologue scenes. Everyone is gone, cars aren't moving anymore, and all electricity are cut off, even they mobile phones. Malicious monsters giving out malice started appearing everywhere. The first bad end started here (I saved), and I got the hero killed after I purposely picked the bad end. It's not like Umineko level, Fate/Stay night gore though.

In the other living choice, Kakeru survives by running towards the school, instead of running to Yuka's house and getting overwhelemed there. Did I mention the monsters has tentacles? No, it's certainly not naughty, but horrifying levels of "Omfg just run dude!!!". Anyway, the world of Red suddenly disappears and they are back to the world of living. However, they clearly see a BLACK moon in the sky, reminding them that the world of RED exists, even though their friends couldn't see it. 3 days later, and that's where the English patch ends, Kakeru and Yuka gets transported back to World of Red, and Kakeru getting Frustrated. Zomg, whatever will happen!

*Continues playing chinese version*~

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Re: 11 Eyes initial impressions.

#2 Post by Dunceney » Fri May 27, 2011 5:33 am

My initial impression after I watched the demo movie in their official site: HOLY COW THIS IS EPIC!!!!

now looking forward to play 11eyes resona forma (~=w=)~

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Re: 11 Eyes initial impressions.

#3 Post by HigurashiKira » Fri May 27, 2011 3:09 pm

I liked 11eyes story (Which is slightly incomplete unless you read Lass previous game 3days, in which case some side plot points become filled) and it has a neat function.
Though the anime adaptation was bad, really bad.
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Re: 11 Eyes initial impressions.

#4 Post by SilentWolfie » Wed Jun 01, 2011 12:55 pm

TTime's engine on 11 Eyes was depressingly slow (it was really bad coding on their part to make the game run so slow despite my decent laptop), but I managed to finish one route. There was about 5-10% of the Chinese words I couldn't read because it was simply too Rune-like, ancient and complicated. Trying to decipher chinese to english names is ridiculous. What the hell is, bird on a stand of books library, as a name? I must be doing it wrongly.

First heroine is a kohai who is a
secret war soldier. She has super regeneration powers like Wolverine. Moves fast, grows back her organs in minutes.
Story unsatisfied parts

- Protagonist got strong at end of game, but it was a kinda let down thing because it was
magic swordsman versus FEMALE MAGE.
Sure, said boss was strong, but her class is simply 'that' class. It felt like she was being turned into
because of how protagonist keep
cutting her into ribbons
- HARDLY ANY ROMANCE! Urgh. 90% of the time had protagonist training/going to school and hardly any given alone time with pursued character! jwqoejwqo. At least Fate/Stay Night had some Shiro sticking his back against Rin and discussing stuff. Even worse when she disappears for
10% of the game because big boss caught her and removed her from combat.
- Lack of impact when she describes her
. In fact it was so surreal that I scratch my head and tilt my head more than once.
- Distribution points of fighting/going to school uneven. I was 1000% more interested into looking forward into the next battle instead of paying attention on how protagonist's perverted classmate friend harass (subsequently and repeatedly made as butt of the joke) girls.
- No H scenes. ROAR. While I don't really read the H and skip it (most of the time), I hate content being cut out. Curse you Xbox version!
- Protagonist not fully voiced. asadeewq. Cut out H scenes and you don't even bother turning it into an all voiced version? PFFFFFFFFF.
- Ever since I got spoiled by fully voiced narration games, I can't ever go back to voiceless protagonists. This made it terribly hard to try and finish the game for the ending (one girl romance narration = boring). I blame the Otaku in Japan for demand of voiceless protagonist.

Good points.

- Great fights. Exciting.
- Good music score.
- I was shocked once. And considering I couldn't remember the last time I was shocked in life other than the first NO I AM YOUR FATHER and SEPHIROTH STABBED SOMEONE, that really realllly meant something. Can reference some other games like KOTOR 1 and 2, but that might be a little obscure.
- Very good story that's cohesive enough that simply makes otome games and some galge story very dull in comparison.
- Interesting aspects of multiple protagonists. The game has a system called cross vision, where it shows 6-7 other characters first POV. In other games, this element is sometimes used, but the game is unique enough to allow you to pick whenever you wish to read their story.

For example, protagonist split up to fight other characters, and the story will continue to flow with the protagonist. But the fight between A and B is exciting, so you want to read it immediately, and therefore you can. Or perhaps you want to read it later, and therefore leave it till the main Arc of the protagonist is done.
- Solid all rounded game. Despite the minor gripes, I enjoyed it a lot. Must get Japanese learned someday so I can play in original format.

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