Deliberate Distortion (Evangelion fan games series)

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Deliberate Distortion (Evangelion fan games series)

#1 Post by Junker-Kun » Sun Oct 02, 2011 9:17 am

Deliberate Distortion (Сознательное Искажение) is a series of Visual Novels by "Hedgehog's Dillema Team". Sadly, it exists only in Russian language and as far as I know, the translaton is not planned yet. The games themselves are Neon Genesis Evangelion fan games (one of few) and... I think it's the only VN in Evangelion setting (except for Girfriend of steel but these are not fan games).
So, there are three games, one for mobile devices (the ones that supports Java ME), one for internet browsers (the ones that supports JavaScript) and one for Windows (the one that supports... well, you know, the usual Windows).

Deliberate Distorton

The first game tells the story of Shinji Ikari who had lost in his own mind. The genre is psychological quest/mystery. Game itself is not too much a VN, more like first person quest but still the main part is the story and carefull reading. Actually, this game is impossible to beat if you're not Russian or don't know how to use Google =D
Aaaaand, that is the only game you can actually play without knowing Russian by using Google translate. Well, probably.
The game is here:

Deliberate Distortion: Dissonance

This one is for Java ME devices. The game itself is a prequel to the whole series, tells the story about Misato Katsuragi that happened while Shinji was in his nightmares. It's short but still interesting. If you want, I will make the translation of the game (cause the engine is easy to read and all I have to do is to edit text files.

For 240x320 screens
For 176x220 screens
For 176x208 screens

Deliberate Distortion: Synesthesia

The last one is real Visual Novel. The engine was made especially for this game and is really good. The story made a breakthrough too. Now it's more difficult to understand and to do so you have to get all endings (if I'm not mistaken there are 11 or 13. Though most of them are just variations of one ending). The game is big and size is about 600 mb.

Grab it here:

I recommend you to install official patch:

Screenshots are here: ... ynesthesia

The games were released on forums and are supported there.

Official site of team is here:

If you have any questions, I'll give you answers =)
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Re: Deliberate Distortion (Evangelion fan games series)

#2 Post by ririruetoo » Sun Oct 02, 2011 2:45 pm

Wow, I just looked at the games screenshots and I have to say they look very professional!

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