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Re: - Your Opinion = Android Otome Games >w< ! -

#16 Post by CheeryMoya » Thu Oct 11, 2012 12:03 am

KittyKatStar wrote: Lemme know when your sister reaches Takumi's sob story.
Oh, she already got to the part where
protag-chan became a student council member or something, and Takumi waited for you during the school festival. You never came, but he waited the whole night. Then infodump about how he'd jokingly flirt with you, but he now he's serious yet you don't believe him. The day later he acts like nothing happens so you can stay friends.
She said it was pretty emotional, so either the writer of Takumi's route is better or she has lower standards than me... let's hope it's the former.
KittyKatStar wrote:
If I'm getting anything out of this, it's How Not to Write an Otome Game.
I'd read it if you made one. >.>b
lol, speaking of that I have this old ren'ai parody script (based off an infamous story!) that's been waiting for someone to rip it up horribly. It's intentionally written with over-the-top cheesy dialogue, gratuitous description, and pacing that's... yeah. I cringe whenever I open up that project basically. I could do it myself but seeing how other people reacted to it was oh-so delicious. Time to poke people

As for other Android otome games, I've only been hearing less than positive reviews for them overall. I'd rather sit down with an otome (or any game for that matter) that has substance than have portable fluff at my fingertips; I have better things to do.

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Re: - Your Opinion = Android Otome Games >w< ! -

#17 Post by KittyKatStar » Thu Oct 11, 2012 1:38 am

CheeryMoya wrote:She said it was pretty emotional, so either the writer of Takumi's route is better or she has lower standards than me... let's hope it's the former.
Nope, she hasn't reached it yet. XD You two will know when, you'll definitely know. XD
KittyKatStar wrote:Time to poke people

As for other Android otome games, I've only been hearing less than positive reviews for them overall. I'd rather sit down with an otome (or any game for that matter) that has substance than have portable fluff at my fingertips; I have better things to do.
(If you poked me I wouldn't mind. >.>b )

And I agree. If a better otome game comes out, I wouldn't mind since some portability would be nice (especially during long car rides when I forget my 3DS), but the ones I tried so far have been less than favorable.

Like there would be maybe... one decent route among the group, but each route is 2.99-3.99 and can be completed in a few hours and it never really feels worth it. I'd rather spend $10-15 on a full otome game like some of the ones I've seen here and purchased (and are amazing ^^v ) than get all these micro-transactions. x.x

And then once you complete the main route there's side-stories, epilogues, spin-offs... x.x I bought one JUST to see what happens after your MC and character hooks up. It was some shota from Pirates in Love. I will admit the kid was actually kinda sweet and adorable, and you pretty much confess. And then in the epilogue it's like the relationship took a reset and went back to ambiguous.

Here's some impressions (fragmented, terribly jotted down impressions XD ) from My Forged Wedding regarding a few of the characters. If *anyone* wants to purchase, I would recommend (using that word loosely) uh... I guess... Yuta and Uncle? o.O

Minor spoilers ahead yadda yadda yadda if you want to get an idea of the characters:

Yamato Kougami - the resident tsundere (cold on the outside, sensitive on the inside) teacher. The main character has a bit of a backbone in this one, so when he insults or throws retorts she throws them right back and they bicker often in a fun way. Yamato blushes a lot as all tsunderes do and he's in love with his Roomba vacuum. No really, they bring up that Roomba many times, and he treats it like a pet.

I admit there were 3-4 genuinely sweet scenes in this game. Because it's a 'forged wedding' and they have to pretend they're married, she stays at his place and feels very out of place/uncomfortable. To ease her mind he makes her her favourite breakfast the next day explaining she should at least eat something she likes. D'aw, how sweet. Of course he complains about everything, but she doesn't take it. :P

The story arc itself was decent, although the main character missed all the obvious cues so it dragged on 7 more chapters than it should. There was some reoccurring elderly man who I kept mistaking as the resident creepy perv due to his dialogue. x_X Also so much of the drama could've been solved if the main character just TALKED to Yamato. You know, you live under the same roof, you could have told him important details that would've saved a LOT of trouble!

Overall I have this feeling Yamato was supposed to be the One True Pairing, since he's the first character you meet. He was actually pretty okay. Story arc ended on a boring note, but whatever. If you ever want to actually fork money over - get a coffee.

Takao Maruyama - okay despite his little "Don't be fooled by his timid and delicate look… He's pretty dangerous! Don't get too close to him" that was actually a big fat lie. He's a family man inside and out, and cares deeply about his family, and extended family.

He's overly apologetic, polite, and only sees the main character as a little sister for the majority of the game. If anything the story involves the main character falling in love with TAKAO and hoping that HE would notice her feelings. He's quite oblivious about it, so he'll casually touch her arm while rolling up her sleeves or whatever and it's the female character that's all MY HEART MY HEART DOKI DOKI.

He's very sweet and caring, and very brotherly AND fatherly. The story arc involves… FAMILY. Lots of it. From making his grandma happy, who dreams of seeing his wedding, to making his parents happy, and looking after a 4 year old boy whose parents are going through a rough divorce.

The only off-putting trait he had was that he seemed a little scary when he scolds his younger brother. His younger brother is a terrible and useless character where all he does is hit on the main character over and over just to add some conflict/tension and make Takao angry.

It's more on the sweet side, there's rarely any conflict or tension - mostly just "Do we continue faking our marriage to make my family happy or admit we're lying about the whole thing?" So if you adore family values, Takao isn't toooo bad. It's kinda boring, overall decent.

Saeki Takamasa -
the sadistic playboy scriptwriter and so much hate. All he does is make passes/advances on the main character who gets extremely uncomfortable (which makes ME feel uncomfortable) until the main character is like "lol maybe I love him after all". Despite all of the obvious sexual harassment she just rolls with it. o_O She'll resist, but they treat it like playful banter. ?_?

There's one scene where he's in the bathroom and requests for a towel, and you bring it in. He's naked and then starts approaching the main character with his hands reaching out all creepy-like. You can pick two options: "Ask why he's naked" or "scream". It doesn't matter what you pick because he'll muffle her, restrain her, and then lock her in the bathroom. x.X SERIOUSLY WHAT THE HECK GAME.

And what the HECK was up with this email Saeki sent me:

"Lately, I get a tingly feeling when I see you. I think it's bad for my health to hold it in, so I'm going to let myself go! So watch out, honey. I promise to do everything I can to feel tingly over you."
Stay awaaaaaay.

His entire story arcs are booooring. There's like a bunch of stuff going on (health problem, family problems, work problems,) and yet it's all so BORING and anticlimactic. He's boring boring boring and a terrible character, please go die in a fire.

Ren Shibasaki - Ren is the stoic researcher "…" archetype with little words and very expressionless. For the first 7 chapters he mainly consists of "…", sniffing random things, and being fussy around food. For the first half of the route it goes like this:

Main character: Eat something!
Ren: No, I'm not hungry =<
Main character: Eat this, I made it for you! EAT IT.
Ren: It has broccoli in it, I dun like broccoli =<
Main character: EAT IT
Ren: Fine ;_; *eats it all*

So a lot of the first chapters are short and pretty much the main character struggling to keep awkward conversations going with Ren while he's clearly not interested.

He doesn't open up until the half-way point and FINALLY does he get all sweet because you found Rare Mountain Herb #184 that he needs for his research.

There's not much to complain about. The story arc is pretty much "I'm a prince, pretend to be my fiancée" so he can remain in Japan longer while he develops a drug to support his country, which is plagued with poverty and poor economic growth.

When Ren opens up, there are some genuinely cute scenes. i.e. when you're hanging out with him in a bar with a bunch of his friends, his friends point out that Ren is acting so strange around you (less of an emotionless person). If you pick "he's normal" and says he's ALWAYS been that sweet, he stops eating and exchanges a knowing smile with you. D'aw, it makes the later chapters have a nice payoff compared to the "I DUN LIKE BROCCOLI AND I'LL BE FRUMPY ABOUT IT" moments. There's also a few rare scenes where he's actually affectionate, gasp.

Also the 'secretly a pervert' in the character description was a lie.

Also if you played My Forged Wedding and want to play Seduced in the Sleepless City, the characters are copy-paste. Like Yamato from MFW is EXACTLY like Yuzuki in SitSC (they look alike too), while Noel reminds me of Ren. And both games have a sadistic writer/scriptwriter. x.x

(Feel bad since the reviews are more on the negative than favorable. ^^; I don't want to make it seem like I'm bashing, but for the majority the writing wasn't really captivating. =< There were a few cute moments/scenes etc but they were more spread out among the mediocre writing.

And the fact a lot of characters seemed reused from game to game... So if you try those Voltage games out, pick *one* game.)

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Re: - Your Opinion = Android Otome Games >w< ! -

#18 Post by DaFool » Thu Apr 25, 2013 2:25 am

Hey, I want to know from those who completed these games typically how many event CGs are given per route. I'm doing some research (since I'm developing a mobile bishoujo game) but on vndb.org nobody has managed to post event CGs for mobile games.

I loved reading the reviews here of Voltage's games by the way, very entertaining ^_^.

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Re: - Your Opinion = Android Otome Games >w< ! -

#19 Post by Googaboga » Thu Apr 25, 2013 3:42 am

I have only have the "Shall We Date" games by Solmare and in those there are normally five event CGs per character and one ending CG. But then there was one that for some reason had like nine event CGs and five ending CGs. All the others basically stuck to the five event/one ending CG set up though. Never played a Voltage game so I can't help you there.

Good luck with your game C:
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Re: - Your Opinion = Android Otome Games >w< ! -

#20 Post by dramspringfeald » Thu Apr 25, 2013 4:13 am

Well were hitting that annoying time with tech VS new. Programmers don't have too much direct know-how to build games for the more current devices which are running on more or less the same tech they used 10 or 15 years ago. WHILE on the other end of the spectrum There are what 6 or 7 different OS's that DO NOT play well with each other. and Non standard specs to deal with. It's like trying to relearn how to program your 95 mac using windows 8 to fit it on a gameboy. It can be done but you have to give them time.

As for the PSP they kind of kneecapped that system when they took out homebrew... which was one of the reasons I bought the thing in the first place.

However if you have issues "waiting" here is the Android SDK and have at it.
*Also good
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Re: - Your Opinion = Android Otome Games >w< ! -

#21 Post by DaFool » Thu Apr 25, 2013 5:40 am

Googabooga, great, thanks! It's amazing then how most romance stories can be boiled down to these illustrations: 1.) first encounter 2.)-5.) plot graphics 6.) good ending with that character.

The cheapest games on DLsite with 1-2 characters typically come with 10 CGs, of course they're short 1.5-2 hour games. I keep reading about how mobile games tend to be short. I essentially like the basic philosophy of mobile games and aim to replicate the methodology (except for the scamming via microtransactions ^_^). I'm like one of those developers who can't compete in the High Definition age (which now include the PC!) so going mobile is the natural path, where I can get away with ugly oversized GUI and ignore other beautification things and just focus on functionality.

Uh, dramspringfield, I'm basically using RAPT which does the job enough. Sure there are handsets not supported, but I won't care about providing tech support for a free game.

Doing a quick filter we can see that most original mobile games are otome, while others are ports of very famous franchises:


There is still room for growth.

edit: that filter was original JP. Here's the filter for evn:


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