Romance Choice (Ludum Dare, bleak romance game)

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Romance Choice (Ludum Dare, bleak romance game)

#1 Post by gekiganwing » Mon Dec 28, 2015 6:02 pm

I noticed the freeware game / visual novel Romance Choice because of an article on Siliconera. In regards to what the person on Siliconera wrote, I have to admit that I get kind of annoyed when people use the phrase "dating simulation" in vague or incorrect ways. It makes me wonder if some fans are still living in the late '90s, and know of Tokimeki Memorial and the other complex romance games of its era. Also, if there's a story with choices and a *small amount* of statistics and management, then I'll just call it a visual novel.

That said, Romance Choice is a freeware title created through a Ludum Dare game jam earlier this month. The themes were 'two button controls' and 'growing.' The creators used an unsettling and downbeat art style. Apparently the two button controls involve making decisions by clicking on left or right buttons. The characters appear worried or depressed, and the main character struggles to help them.

There have been downbeat romance visual novels for years. For instance, the free title Air Pressure was written in English in 2010. It questioned whether the main character pursuing a fictional interest would improve their relationship. That said, it's good to see freeware creators making more offbeat and experimental titles. Now that Romance Choice is finished and available, it can make an impact on fandom.

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