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The Otome World According to Rivi & Meg! *spoilers*

Posted: Fri Feb 25, 2011 2:57 pm
by Riviera

Well, seeing as it's never been done before... *shot*

Me and Meg decided to make a review/let's play thread on otome games here!

Naturally there will be tons and tons of spoilers.

There will also likely be tons of bad jokes, snarky comments, and general insanity. You have been warned.

Suggestions are welcome, but we may not have the game you want to see. :mrgreen:

We'll split the guys/girls (hey, there are some girl LIs in otomes, lol) evenly between us, so there'll be one post for the ones I've done and one for the ones Meg has.

Anyone wanting to donate games for us to play will be loved.

Re: The Otome World According to Rivi & Meg! *spoilers*

Posted: Fri Feb 25, 2011 3:19 pm
by cherryxchestnut
This sounds like a great idea, I'll be watching! :)
What games are you thinking of reviewing?

Re: The Otome World According to Rivi & Meg! *spoilers*

Posted: Fri Feb 25, 2011 3:20 pm
by Riviera
We're doing an iPod Touch/iPhone game, currently. It was released very recently, and is called Shall we date?: Heian Love.

After that, we've talked about Tokimemo Girl's Side 1. We'll have to see. :D

Re: The Otome World According to Rivi & Meg! *spoilers*

Posted: Fri Feb 25, 2011 3:26 pm
by Megumi
To begin the test, I'll first tell you what we played. Due to Rivi's incompetence in Chinese language, we will have to limit ourselves to English games. (just kidding, you know I love you, Riri~)

Shall we date?: Heian Love

Platform: iPod, iPhone.
Official Link: Applestore
Price: 3.99$ for the basic pack with 5 guys + one extension pack with 3 guys for 4.99$ if I'm not mistaken.
Genre: Otome game, historical.
Produced by: NTT Solmare.
Languages: It includes both japanese and english language options. The english option is fairly well done, with only a moment or two of odd wording (like asking you to "choice" your guy).

There are five ending CGs for each guy. Happiest, Happier, Happy, Neutral and Bad. You actually choose which guy's route you will play after a while, so there is no worry about ending with the wrong guy.

I... bought the extension pack even though I'm broke. ORZ.

Game Function:
Basically, the menu bar is down here : Menu; Story; My Room; History.

Menu sends you back to the main menu.
Story is basically the 'continue' button.

My Room will open a window... like this. You'll see where you are in the game, have a random comment from a character such as "I love deer meat" (Important information for the game *nod nod* XD) And read... MAILS. ...I'll let Rivi comment on this. XD

History is self-explanatory. xD


Re: The Otome World According to Rivi & Meg! *spoilers*

Posted: Fri Feb 25, 2011 4:43 pm
by Riviera
Synopsis: It's probably obvious, but the game is set within the Heian era, and the main character is a young lady in that time period who recently became a lady attendant of the court of Kyoto. You were raised in the countryside, so life in the imperial court is very new and different to you.

You were supposed to go to a poetry contest that was organized by the emperor, but you got a stomachache, so you couldn't go. A stomachache, you ask? That's what the game says. This made you very sad. In any case, that's when the mysterious love letter that started all of this arrived.

Who is the poem from? It was well written, and conveyed genuine feelings for you.

There are five ending CGs for each guy. Happiest, Happier, Happy, Normal and Unhappy. You actually choose which guy's route you will play after a while, so there is no worry about ending up with the wrong guy.

Each guy will send you an e-mail at the end of most chapters in his route.

"E-mail? In the Heian era?" You ask, probably blinking in confusion.

"Meh." I shrug. "Don't ask me."

Meet Cute(ies)

Tadadadaaaa! Here are the possibilities of who might have written you the letter. All of them could have the ability to, or at least an incentive to do it, but who could it be? Who's the one behind it? Well, we'll find that out later.

FIRST UP! The Emperor, Kuze-sama! "The Man with Furniture-Fu"


As the game itself says, Kuze rebuilt the empire after it'd crumbled (for unexplained reasons), and probably only recently regained his imperial power. He's pretty strict, and can come off as cold a lot of the time. You have to work for it with this guy, he's not going to warm up to you very easily.

Rivvie's Extra Comments: To be honest, I thought he was one of the weirder characters. You'll find out why, later.

Yui Manamoto "Childhood Friend + Dance Upgrade"


The required childhood friend. Yui is actually very skilled in the arts, such as poetry, musical instruments and dance. He comes off as very mischievous, but also has his soft side. He seems to be popular with the court ladies, so there are a lot of rumors floating around.

Rivvie's Extra Comments: I found his route fun to play, but I had a hard time reading him. He'll be fun, but also seems to have a sensitive side, so I said the wrong thing quite a few times.

Masakuni Sugawara "Uncle-chan"


Yes, as the nickname suggests, he is the main character's uncle. He's not blood related, since he married the MC's father's sister, but... yeah. In any case, he's a member of the imperial guard, and is very well respected by.. almost everyone in the game. Even your attendant, Hinata, has a crush on him (or so it seems). Your aunt (his wife) died when they were both rather young, and he hasn't been involved with anyone since then.

Rivvie's Extra Comments: This guy weirds me out because of the whole "you are so much like your aunt" thing he does so often in his route. Overall, he's very badass, though, and he does have some nice moments. STILL. I didn't have much fun. I did it for you guys. And Meg. But mostly for you guys. *killed by dragon*

Sakuhito "The Sweetheart"


You'd think this'd be more of a "let the player find this out after some digging" thing, but it's announced right in the prologue that this guy is the Emperor's double. He fills in for the Emperor whenever he's needed, and generally does his job pretty well. Generally, since the MC busts him pretty easily. He was born elsewhere and was brought to the palace to perform this role.

Rivvie's Extra Comments: I tried to think of a snarky nickname, but I couldn't. This guy is a sweetheart. Every mail he sends is full of nice things. I think he's the only character that doesn't throw a fit at you at some point. I love this guy.

Mikage Abe "The Voodoo Man"


Mikage is an exorcist who also works for the Emperor as both a protector and advisor. He loves to pick on people, so a lot of people tend not to like him much. A lot of people of the court are afraid of him because of what he can do with his magic. The game hints that there are even rumors that he bewitches people and hangs out with dead people on rainy nights for a quick drink. I don't know why he would do the second one, but... *shrug*?

Rivvie's Extra Comments: He dearly loves to tease the heck out of the MC. He's very guarded, but a generally nice guy who does do quite a few kind things for you. Even if he does make fun of you all the time.

Hinata "IT'S A TRAP!"

Hinata as your attendant


Hinata in boy clothes


Your first reaction might be, "OH MY GOD SPOILERS!! ALREADY!?" but no. It's actually not a spoiler, since the game reveals this in the prologue and that picture of Hinata in boy clothes is in the character profile section that you can access before you even play the game.

That said: Hinata was a war orphan that was taken in by your father. They were not aware of his true gender at the time, and unless you are on his route, the MC is not either. He serves as the MC's personal attendant and pretty much does everything for her. Yes, he helps her get dressed, as the profile picture says. Take that as you will.

Rivvie's Extra Comments: The token shota, I guess. It's cute at first, since Hinata is really super protective of his lady, but then you stop and think, "This guy's been watching me get dressed and likely helping me bathe all this time without me even being aware of the fact that he's a guy. That's kinda creepy."

Hisame Kyogoku "Also known as God's Gift to Women"


Hisame is the son of an important minister, and also comes from a noble family, so he's got a lot of clout, and a lot of respect. Unfortunately, it does not seem deserved, as he plays the villain in every route but his own. He is fairly skilled at both poetry and dance, but he is very, very overconfident and entitled.

Rivvie's Extra Comments: Every time I've ever seen this man, he's found a new way of irritating me. It's like he expects all women to fall at his feet simply because he walked in the room. I guess some people like that, or something.

Izo "I'm Too Sexy For A Last Name"


Izo is a gardener. He's very passionate about his job, and also very serious. He doesn't talk a lot outside of his work. He used to take care of Lady Ibara's garden, but was sent to help you. He's a "commoner" while you are now of the court, so he is of a different social stratum than you. Which, of course, only makes it more forbidden (and tempting).

He isn't dressed much like a gardener, is he? All in due time.

Rivvie's Extra Comments: He's a pretty nice guy, and very good looking! I just wish you saw him for more than FIVE SECONDS outside of his route.

Re: The Otome World According to Rivi & Meg! *spoilers*

Posted: Fri Feb 25, 2011 7:01 pm
by lepapillonrouge
Ooh...if I had an IPhone, this might be worth it.

Might. XD I like the art at least.

Re: The Otome World According to Rivi & Meg! *spoilers*

Posted: Fri Feb 25, 2011 10:14 pm
by otomegirl24
Whoa... *drools*

How in the world...did I not know about this app?! Oh right, you said it was just released so that's why. XDD

I've been looking for some good otome games to play and I only know of two for the iPOD/iPhone which are Road to Emerald and Pinky Distortion. I'm sooooo gonna buy this app for my iPod Touch! Thanks so much for posting, I'm really looking forward to playing this and all the CG scenes I'll get! ^//////^

Re: The Otome World According to Rivi & Meg! *spoilers*

Posted: Sat Feb 26, 2011 5:49 am
by cherryxchestnut
This looks awesome! I 'specially like the look of Sakuhito and Hinata....though the whole watching you dress thing is raaather creepy *shivers* heh.

...I never thought I'd wish to actaully get an apple product...but I want this so bad! -____-
Guess I'll borrow my friend's ipod from time to time hehe...

Re: The Otome World According to Rivi & Meg! *spoilers*

Posted: Sat Feb 26, 2011 10:12 pm
by Riviera
I'll post links to the routes on our blog, so we don't end up spamming the heck out of this forum. I'm going to be doing the prologue plus Emperor Kuze, Yui, Sakuhito and Masakuni. Meg's going to be doing Mikage, Hinata, Hisame and Izo.

We'll be showing "favorite pictures" from the routes here along with the links. So you can see them with absolutely no context and get horribly confused. Hopefully amused as well.

My MC is named Haruka Tamoe. It was supposed to be like Yoh from Starry Sky, but I spelled it wrong. orz

The Prologue

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Image Image
Image Image

The Prologue is now complete!~

Re: The Otome World According to Rivi & Meg! *spoilers*

Posted: Sun Feb 27, 2011 11:29 pm
by namakemono-chan
Now, I want the game even more! I just saw it yesterday in the 3rd issue of dengeki girls style. bad thing is i just got a new phone in docomo and until my debt is over, i can't change my cellphone with iphone...sigh...>_>

Re: The Otome World According to Rivi & Meg! *spoilers*

Posted: Sun Feb 27, 2011 11:51 pm
by Riviera
Awww. Well, me and Megumi will be LPing the whole game eventually, so you can always just follow along with us through our blog!

Oh, a note: If any of you read Part 1 or 2 before now, check back on it, because I updated both of them when the Prologue was finally finished. Part 1 has two more pictures, and Part 2 has some wording changes.

Now that the Prologue is finally done, I'll be able to start on a route! I wonder if there's any preference... if not, I'll probably start on Kuze-sama.

Re: The Otome World According to Rivi & Meg! *spoilers*

Posted: Mon Feb 28, 2011 11:57 am
by Megumi

*writing Izo route*

I'll probably post one today or tomorrow. :3

PS: The posts are REALLY filled with pictures so if you can't DL at a rather alright speed, it may be a good idea not to go through our blog. <w<

Re: The Otome World According to Rivi & Meg! *spoilers*

Posted: Mon Feb 28, 2011 10:14 pm
by Blue Lemma
Are there a lot of ren'ai VN games for smartphones? Are they mostly all in Chinese/Japanese?

Re: The Otome World According to Rivi & Meg! *spoilers*

Posted: Tue Mar 01, 2011 10:18 am
by Megumi
If by smartphone, you mean iphone/ipod, I believe there is quite a few, mainly in Japanese. *had looked before* I think they go around the number of 10. Other platforms have no games I know of. Some games may fit with the title of ren'ai likes... Sprung or things like that.

There is always games with little 'romance' in it such as bar oasis. (The funniest thing would be to actually learn the cocktail like this but I kind of forgot maaaaany of them over time)

Chinese rein'ai games are usually fantranslation of games, so they are on any crack-able platform (I don't believe they've reached the iMarket yet) so PSP, NDS, PS2, wii and computer.

*Meg going berserk with game*

My favorite platform would be PSP as the platform have many, many games. (Avoid Club Katze though, girls. That game is almost tiring because of the inconsistency of characterization and story.) The games are usually well done (you can quick save, quick read, skip, etc.) and you can navigate rather easily. :3 It doesn't have the "skin touching" NDS offers but Tokimeki Girl side had overly abused of it in the second game imo.

On NDS, the overly known games would be Tokimeki Girl Side and Girl Revolution. I'd say that Girl Revolution (it's the game where the heroine lose weight) is rather good but lacks in several points to fully fit for the title of otome game, imo that is. Tokimeki Girl Side has been rather nice to play with but uh, I'll just say the characters are lacking in actual depth imo. I disliked Tokimeki Girl's Side 2nd Season as it is a little too 'copy of the 1st'.

Computer-wise, I think anybody can actually play since you can run some translator while playing Japanese games. Doesn't stop anybody from playing in Chinese though, as many are bilingual. :3

I never cracked my wii or PS2 so... that'll be all in Meg's quick half-awake and should be walking to her other class post. <_<

^you can also ignore my rambling haha...

Re: The Otome World According to Rivi & Meg! *spoilers*

Posted: Tue Mar 01, 2011 3:44 pm
by ziaziany
That's cool
I haven't seen this game before.
It's interesting >___<,,
I still haven't read it but I guess I'll read soon.
I love otome games XD