Zerorange team - looking for programmer (CLOSED)

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Zerorange team - looking for programmer (CLOSED)

#1 Post by fenol » Sat Jul 02, 2016 12:29 pm

Hello everyone, I'm FenOL currently leading a team for making a commercial project. We already make a nice progress, and plan to finish our demo by the end of august. All should go smoothly until our programmer dropout from the team. so here I am.
About the project :
-We are a team that planned to get a funds from kickstarter, so all of our team is consist of people that aware of the fact 'no payment until kickstarter success' (and of course, we plan to make it success)
-The project scale is not small.
-Our team position is filled (writer, character art, background art, GUI art, video editor, music composer) except programmer.
-Our demo progress is already 40% done, and all member is active to keep the project keep go on.
-We are making a medieval magical kingdom storyline in Japanese art style (not H/NSFW/R18)

What we looking for :
A Programmer, who can keep a nice progress and can handle a minigame. If you have a sample then it will be a nice point. :!:
because someone asked about what kind of minigame we need, so here the explanation.
the visual novel story itself is linear with non significant branching (dies/game over)
and the minigame is where the player must click some button before the time run out.

Payment :
Like I mentioned above, we cannot pay you until the kickstarter success. But you can give your reasonable price and we will calculate it on our kickstarter.

After kickstarter :
I wish the programmer to remain in the team because our project scale is not small. We planned to make at least three series so there you go.

What we don't need :
-Someone who doesn't have much time (If you have another project that will take a long time, I'm sorry but we planned to end our demo by august and go kicstarter so please check your job schedule)
-Someone who demand money right away. (Please remember that all of our team is know about this fact but still working hard towards goal without demand until the kicstarter success.)
-Someone who will drop halfway. (As our team has a definite goal, we don't want to change our team that often. So what we need a consistent person.)
-Someone who still learning from scratch nothing. (I don't want to just say 'someone who still learning' because I am myself still learning a lot of things but we can't wait you to understand a lot of things from scratch. We need someone who at least get a hang of the basic)

About our team :
-We all are Indonesian people.
-All team member can use english, and our project is also in full english so worry not if you are not Indonesian.
-We are active on Facebook if you want to join our discussion. If you don't use it, I'm fine discussing the project via forum or mail.
-The project is already has a progress, but if you have advice we are willing to hear you.

How to contact :
-Reply or PM this forum
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Re: Zerorange team - looking for programmer

#2 Post by Dollysama » Sat Jul 02, 2016 2:03 pm

Sounds like an interesting project :) I'd be willing to help with the programming. I'll send you a pm in a few minutes.

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