The Last December [CLOSED]

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The Last December [CLOSED]

#1 Post by ourdecemberdreams » Fri Apr 21, 2017 6:11 am

We are a pair of sisters from Singapore trying to make our own visual novel! It's our first try, so it might not be really good yet, but we're learning and improving! We hope to be able to maybe commercialise our games in the future when we graduate from school, but currently we're making a free visual novel for all to play! :D

We're looking for partners who are willing to join us on this startup studio (kinda)! Preferably someone who is interested to stay with us in a long run. More details can be discussed if you would like to join us!

The Last December is about an 18 year old girl with lung problems. She has stayed in the hospital for a large part of her life and one day, she finds out she only has a month left to live. Tired of the treatments and medicines that didn't help save her, she escapes the hospital to fulfil her bucket list with the help of a boy who broke his arm in a recent car crash.

Along the way, they make friends with a mysterious new guy, who is unwilling to reveal much about himself to the other two. Together, they will help the girl fulfil her dying wishes, which includes some things like riding a motorbike, watching the sunrise, having her first kiss and visiting the amazing town of Cornucopia.

Type | Linear Visual Novel
Genre | Slice of Life, Slight Romance and Bromance
Ratings | For all ages
Pricing | Free
Platforms | Mac OS, Windows, Linux
Screen Resolution | 1280 x 720
Release Date | 1st December 2017

Current Word Count | 15 311
Story Completion | 20%
Character Artwork Completion | 10%
Background Artwork Completion | 0%
Soundtracks Completion | 5%
Demo Coding Completion | 70%
*note: try out our incomplete demo here!

Lyricist x1
Vocalist x1
Music Composer x1
Author x1
Artist x1
Programmer x1
HR & Business Developer x1

To contact us, you can just reply to this thread, pm us, or email us at! We'll check everyday :D
You can also follow our updates at Tumblr!
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