Portrait of You [all found!]

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Portrait of You [all found!]

#1 Post by fontainerichelieu » Thu Jun 14, 2018 7:52 am

Portrait of You is based off my novel in the works and centres around Fontaine, a curator as a small time gallery somewhere in New York. He's not making much with the visitors to the gallery and decides to scout a renowned artist to boost his profits. Along the way, depending on your choices, he will also find love. Within the game, there will be 4 romanceable options, possibly more. The story is largely set in a modern timeframe, in New York, and its themes are heavily based around the nature of beauty and art history. Inspired by Micheal Cunningham's novel By Nightfall (which you should totally read!) This project will most likely be NSFW.

The Characters:

(art by yoonkiepls)

ALLEN - the brash and loud (specialty: modernist watercolourist)
(art by yoonkiepls)

CHAN - the trans and passionate (speciality: new-age sculptures)
(art by ???; commissioned but I forgot who it was; will give credit if artist is found ;w;)

RENZO - the snarker with a hidden past (specialty: abstract inks)
Needs character design!

AUGUSTINE - the intellectual multitasker (specialty: photorealistic oil/acrylic)
Needs character design!

Positions Needed:
Programmer: Found (username needed)
Background Artist:
CG Artist: Found (username needed)
Composer/SFX specialist:
Co-writers: QAN_TL & Found (username needed)
Character Artist: Found (username needed)
Logo Designer: causticFish

I am hoping to get this project funded through Kickstarter or another crowd-funding website. I can possibly pay a nominal fee for the demo work but I understand some of you may not like this arrangement. If you want full payment for services rendered, please tell me upfront and I will consider.

Either - email (thesnowpriestess@gmail.com) or Discord (Silver #2339)

What's in the demo
- 2 routes
- 12 expressions divided between 3 characters
- 30k+ words (which will mostly be written by me)

Looking forward to working with you! :>
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Re: Portrait of You [LF everything!]

#2 Post by DizzyPlaza » Sat Jun 16, 2018 6:49 pm

sent a request on discord to discuss this, I am a character/sprite artist.

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Re: Portrait of You [LF everything!]

#3 Post by Saltome » Sun Jun 17, 2018 5:30 pm

Largely set in "modern times", you say? Does that mean there is time travel action? xD
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