Background Artist Needed :)

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Background Artist Needed :)

#1 Post by namastaii » Thu Jul 19, 2018 9:20 pm

So before I go into too much detail, I will just say I don't have the funds to pay someone upfront or really as the game is under development. The game will however be released on Steam and is expected to be popular, therefore this role will be paid after the game is making money but I would need someone working with me (at a slow steady pace of course as this game is taking a while to develop) to create the background art. I could have posted this in the free project section but it is a commercial game - just pay afterward. It would be a certain percentage of the total income of the game. There is no cap. As long as people are buying the game, you'll get a cut.

***If this needs to be moved to the free project section due to the type of pay, please let me know or feel free to do so

If this is something that interests you, please read on!

I've been working on this game for a really long time. I've taken a lot of breaks from it so it's been delayed quite a bit. I'm doing everything myself. The coding, the music, the GUI, the writing (though I'm considering looking for some co-writers once the functionality of the game is 100% done) and I do prefer it that way for this game specifically but I am not an artist. I am using some free creative commons sprites for character art and I have remixed these a bit and added to them and I can show you kind of the art style I'm looking for.

A lot of the GUI and the game is actually done but I'm considering redesigning (again) just to get it perfect and especially after I can see the type of background art I'll have and what GUI will work best with that. The art doesn't have to match the sprite art exactly, I just want the two layers to look good together. And it can be surprising what that ends up being so I'm open minded to the different types of styles out there :) The goal is I just want everything to go together and look professional and not have to use a wide variety of creative commons backgrounds XD

To give you an idea, I am using Konnett's sprites (because I absolutely adore them) with my own hairstyle's I've made (also some custom clothes). These are the sprites unedited:

I would love to show you more of my actual sprites and other things once we communicate.

Just some things:

*If you agree to do the background art to my game, just know there is zero rush. Please take your time especially since there is no pay right away and this game is big.

*I don't have an exact number of backgrounds needed but my estimate for right now is around 30-40 with day/night variations. This number could go up or down depending on some things

*The types of backgrounds I'm looking for: hospital room, classroom, school, houses, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, etc, cafe/restaurants, clothing store, mall, town streets, neighborhood streets, parks - I'm not looking for anything too out of the ordinary. This is just your classic date sim feel.

*You can decide how things look. I am not looking for a japanese themed game. This is a made up world but will mostly resemble an American type of location. You have the freedom to design how it looks, what you think is best. I'll have little input. There are some things - for example, your character has an interactive computer in the game so I might request that the main characters bedroom at least has a desk but other than things like that, I'm not too picky so there isn't any pressure. I'm just glad you're willing to work with me :)

*I'm not entirely sure how long this project will take until it is done. I'm trying to get back into it and actually put a lot of time in it and having another person on the team will also help me get that motivation to get things going. If you're worried about anything, we can draw up some kind of contract. I'm not going to steal your art and not pay you. Literally the second it makes money, you'll be getting it.

*To add on to the last statement, if for some bizarre reason the game has to be cancelled and you've made art for it - all rights belong to you and those are yours to sell or do what you will with it. I do not want to claim to own any of your work and when the game is released, you will be fully credited.

*I'm also open to any ideas you have. I'm open minded to changing the game up a bit if needed or if there are some specific backgrounds you'd love to make for it, we can see how to fit that into the game. This game is going to be really open ended. It's more of a 2D sims game (rpg style) than a visual novel or typical date sim.

*If you have any questions just ask. There are no obligations if you're just curious to know more before deciding.

You can contact me on here or discord. Discord: lunalucid#7684
I do try to check this site at least once a day but discord would be faster if you have that. If you have another preferred way of communication, let me know.

Thanks so much for reading and considering^^

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Re: Background Artist Needed :)

#2 Post by GrammaHobbes » Sat Jul 21, 2018 5:31 am

I'm not so great at is the bane of my existence. However, I'm pretty sure Uncle Mugen's backgrounds has a good amount of what you are looking for and he allows people to use them for whatever use they want, commercial and non...unless you want to have special custom backgrounds. Also good luck!

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