Looking for a writing partner (Supernatural murder mystery)

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Looking for a writing partner (Supernatural murder mystery)

#1 Post by Galxy Games » Sat Sep 22, 2018 1:41 pm

Hey I need someone or multiple people to help bounce ideas off and help write my visual novel. If you want to share it equally then you'll get 50% of the profits from the game, but if you only want to do a few scenes it'll be about 25%. Please let me know ahead of time which one you'd like to do. Though I'll still have the final say in what goes in the finished game, so just keep in mind I might sometimes make edits (I'll make sure to tell you/explain why).

Anyway, I'm sure you'd like to know what it is before you sign up. Alma Vaire and her childhood friend Riley begin a magic club, so Alma can find people who have the potential to use real magick. Alma has the ability to see auras and ghosts (since in this world ghosts are auras left behind). Riley has minor healing powers, and she's also a bit stronger than a normal person (though not super strength). She really loves healing magic because it feels a little like she's learning about herself. She's the head of the track team. By putting on a show at the club fair at school they convince three people to join: Jasper, Gareth, and Vincent. Jasper can see into the future. He can only use it on purpose when channeling it through tarot cards or a crystal ball, but he does get forceful visions sometimes. Gareth excels at elemental magic (particularly fire which he can control with zero to little thought). His dead grandmother actually follows him around as a ghost and is honestly the funniest character in the whole story. Vincent is great at making potions and ritual based magic. His family was even part of an order of wizards/witches. He's also on the autism spectrum. It's not long after forming the club though that they start to see demonic symbols graffitied throughout the school. It's their job to find out what's going on before it gets any worse or someone gets hurt. (Not a spoiler because its literally part of the genre but it doesn't go too well)

I already have the outline done, and I'm a little bit through the prologuey bit. I also have some of the character bios/sheets done and finished programming the main mechanic already.

If you want to help out just let me know how much you want to help (as in 50/50 or just a few scenes), and give a sample of your writing. Here's some art to show you a bit it about it.

(left to right: Alma, Riley, Jasper, Gareth and Vincent in his old outfit)

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