Starfall World [Dating Sim] [Sci-Fi] [Mystery] - Looking for a team

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Starfall World [Dating Sim] [Sci-Fi] [Mystery] - Looking for a team

#1 Post by StarDev » Thu Jan 03, 2019 7:59 pm

A light-hearted space adventure!



Starfall World is an upcoming visual novel/dating sim hybrid developed by Stylish Stars Studios.
The story takes place in a mysterious space city called Starfall, where dozens of alien species live together in peace. A young traveller named Elliot finally decides to settle down and start a new life, only to realise that something strange has been happening there.


The gameplay is quite simple, since the game follows the classic VN and dating sim formulas.
The plot progression will be halted occasionally, giving players the chance to manage Elliot's stats and improve his relationship with the other characters. The main story will then be affected by the choices made during these short gameplay segments (1-2 weeks in-game time).





Green - Available
Red - Taken

We need you!
BG Artist
We're looking for someone who can help us with the backgrounds.
Hand-drawn or 3D modelled, just make sure they work well with the sprites and the overall tone of the game.

Music Composer
We need background songs and a theme for each character.
Jazz would probably work the best but I'm open to other genres too.

GUI Designer
We could use some help with the GUI, since right now it's pretty barebones.

This would be nice, too!
If you're passionate and you'd like to help, that'd be much appreciated.

Alien Designer
It's a space city, so...
This role is right for you if you enjoy creating new alien species.


We cannot afford to pay yet, unless your prices are really low (<$10). Everyone's currently working for free.
However, once the demo is done (the prologue and chapter 1), we'll try to get funded through Kickstarter/Patreon so we can pay you.
We'll make up for the previous free work, too.


Adding me on Discord would be ideal, but you can also send me a message here or on Twitter.
My Discord tag is Star#1755.
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Re: Starfall World [Dating Sim] [Sci-Fi] [Mystery] - Looking for a team

#2 Post by DeathSummoner » Sat Jan 05, 2019 3:42 pm

Hello there!!
I am interested for the job
Here's my portfolio:
and you can contact me through email:
and discord: MRA70181#9752

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Re: Starfall World [Dating Sim] [Sci-Fi] [Mystery] - Looking for a team

#3 Post by Brittany Ann » Sat Jan 05, 2019 11:29 pm

Hello StarDev!

This visual novel looks absolutely stunning! I am very much interested in auditioning for you should you decide to incorporate voice over later in development.


Discord: Brittany Ann Phillips#1121

Thank you for you time. Have a wonderful day!

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Re: Starfall World [Dating Sim] [Sci-Fi] [Mystery] - Looking for a team

#4 Post by CeeCeeVA » Tue Jan 15, 2019 5:54 am

Good Morning!

My name is Chasity and I would love to offer my voice for your adorable visual novel as well if you decide to add voices! Attached is my character demo for consideration: ... o-2018-wip

You can contact me at or on discord under the name CeeCeeVA#2653.
Voice Actress, Casting Director, Writer & Director


Animation Demo Reel: ... p=drivesdk

For VO inquiry:

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Re: Starfall World [Dating Sim] [Sci-Fi] [Mystery] - Looking for a team

#5 Post by waltermack » Sat Jan 19, 2019 1:23 am

Really digging the art! :D Would also like to help out with VO should you ever decide to add voices.

Quick reel from some past work: ... o.mp3?dl=0

Discord: Walter Mack#8608
Looking for voice work :)

Recently work: Don't Notice Me (Elliot Chase), Door Kickers: Action Squad (Machinegunner Ben/Tiny Tim), Heart Fragment (Inigo), Midnight Quest (All Voices), Eternal Winter (Yuei)

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Re: Starfall World [Dating Sim] [Sci-Fi] [Mystery] - Looking for a team

#6 Post by Jacso-- » Thu Jan 24, 2019 2:22 pm

Hey, i'm really interested in the background artist position and am trying to focus more of my efforts on it, here's a link to my portfolio

if you like it pm me or send an email to

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Re: Starfall World [Dating Sim] [Sci-Fi] [Mystery] - Looking for a team

#7 Post by Elric Atchison » Sun Oct 20, 2019 2:43 pm

Hey there StarDev!

The visual novel looks amazing and I am looking forward to audition for this when you are incorporating voice over later. So basically since I have voiced Marcus Marshall in Aurore: Five Princes, but I have intent to voice in an another dating sim.

Voice Over Resume: ... IYrbRYxulo
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and others

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Here's a more chronicled version and better version! ... r-9IW98c-8

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Re: Starfall World [Dating Sim] [Sci-Fi] [Mystery] - Looking for a team

#8 Post by AD NOTANDA » Wed Nov 06, 2019 9:31 am

<10$ per 1 BG?

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