Dome15 [Elimination-based Mystery]

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Dome15 [Elimination-based Mystery]

#1 Post by noejaci » Sat Jan 05, 2019 10:23 pm

Dome15 is an elimination-based mystery story. Originally a danganronpa-inspired novel, Dome15 is set to be a visual novel about 15 individuals who find themselves trapped in a dome-sealed university campus. With no way to get out, the individuals are given an ultimatum by a sadistic jester who tries to pit them against each other and ultimately kill each other in a zero-sum game. In order to defeat the jester, those who are trapped must come together and figure out how they are all connected, who the mastermind behind their capture is, and how to sabotage their plan before it's too late.

Positions Needed
- Someone with experience on optimizing game fluidity, transitions, GUI, and other tweaks. This would be a "jack of all trades" position with an emphasis on ensuring the game looks and functions in a cohesive and professional manner. A mixture of GUI design and coding on Ren'py.

Positions Not Currently Needed (Volunteer Only)
- Someone who can review materials and give constructive feedback on effectiveness and suggested improvements.
Voice Actors
- VAs will be needed in the future, but at the moment it is low priority compared to gathering art and completing the coding. I will post an update when we are actively recruiting voice actors. This position will be a paid one when casting calls open up.

Current Progress
Dome15 started off as a novel with over 80,000 words written. Although not completed, the novel passed the midway point and the rest of the story had been carefully mapped out. As a result, the story has a strong foundation and an accessible bank from which to extract a script. That said, there is still room for changes and if any team members have input on how they would like the story to turn out, I am not closed to receiving suggestions! I want all team members to be invested in the story and actively enjoy it.
Currently, all characters have profiles with information about their appearance and personality as well as two art references each, minus side characters (only two side characters are planned to have character models).
In regards to sound and background, there are no assets but rather just ideas at the moment. I am very flexible to background designs and sounds so feel free to bring in creativity if you prefer to free-flow in this department. Otherwise, I can provide details on what exactly it is I want too.

Release and Compensation
There is currently no planned release date for Dome15. As the project continues, a release date can be formulated but that is low priority at the moment.
A short trailer for Dome 15 is planned to be released when adequate work has been completed (preferably over 50% completion).
Dome15 is primarily a passion project, and all work that has been produced has been unpaid. Payment will be revenue-share, and therefore varying depending on sales post-release. Payment would be an ongoing even split between team members who have worked on Dome15 to its completion. Considering the team would likely consist of 4-6 people, you could expect 16.6-25% of all revenue gathered from sales post-production.
There are no current plans for a kickstarter or patreon page for this project, but I am open to discussing it and implementing it if that is something that a majority of team members would like to explore for funding during development.
Pricing for the final product of Dome 15 is currently in consideration and open to suggestions from team members as the project develops.

What is Expected
Team members should be easily accessible to contact unless prior notice is given. All team members must have discord. Discord group chat will be the main way we communicate with each other, so it's just easier that way.
Team members should be able to commit to the project until the end. This project will likely take several months at minimum so please do plan for that. Of course, things happen and that is understandable... but it would be a major disservice and inconvenience to other team members to drop out in the middle of the project. Because of this, please do think long and hard before applying and committing to the project.
Team members should be courteous and respectful to other team members. Friendly relations outside of the project are nice as well, but not necessary. The bare minimum is respect to other team members.

Final Notes
- Dome15 will contain or discuss the following: assault, blood, depictions of trauma, horror, human experimentation, kidnapping, murder, sexual acts, suicide, violence. While all topics are not explicitly shown in full detail, they are at the very least discussed or examined in the story.
- Dome15 is a queer-friendly and inclusive story, and that is not subject to change. There will be queer characters and arcs in the story.

If either of the two points above bother you, do not apply to work on Dome15.

How to Apply
You can either send a message/post here or you can add the following discord:
There is no formal application, so you can just introduce yourself casually. However, please know which position you would like to apply for and have relevant work samples available. From there, a conversation will start answering any questions you may have and reviewing your intents and qualifications before ironing out other details in the project.

Thank you!

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