[Closed]an unusual Otome type drama looking for [closed]

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[Closed]an unusual Otome type drama looking for [closed]

#1 Post by Chenko » Thu Jan 10, 2019 9:29 am

Hi guys,

After writing three projects in a row ( Breacher Story (a story for hackers), Life in Helsinki(a story for kids) and Catalyst(a story for the clinically insane) I'm looking for another fun experience and thought of a story which starts as an Otome type game but branches out into something ...different.
We would be releasing the game on STEAM. It would be a visual novel, with a lot of depth, with choices and a few endings.

The themes exploited in the game are romance, love, sci-fi, friendship, fear of abandonment, family members lost, trust, shame and guilt. So it aligns a bit more with a serious drama but I'll keep some joyful entertainment through out the story.

I'm just starting so presently I'm writing the outline. I will also do all the programming, marketing myself.

Here is a very simple introduction to the story – A more informative PDF with twists and turns will be shared with the selected candidates.
You are a girl, your name is Alissa. You are 22 years old.

Your father sent you to a resort for a sort of vacation. The truth is, your mother is gone and it's greatly affecting you, Alissa.

You are surrounded by 5 guys in the resort. Like a wellness resort. It's a place for the peace of mind. There is no one else but the guests. It has private rooms, a pool, a cafeteria, etc.

While taking things slow, enjoying the peace and quiet, the spa, etc., you meet the guys randomly. They become friends. Some a bit more...(based on conversations) You spend time with each one of them separately and try to find out which one is the best guy for you. Each individual is kind and make you feel happy. But, feeling sometimes alone, you start to believe something strange is happening. You have weird thoughts about these men. Every now and then, they disappear and you appear to be completely alone in the resort.

Something is not right, you can sense it.You try to follow one of them. Suddenly, a large earthquake occurs. The lights change to emergency lights. A loud sound is heard. A deafening crack.

Under these red emergency lights, the guys become weirder. Sometimes confronting you. Sometimes, being distant. They seem very nervous. On edge. You become suspicious of them and yet, you are still attracted to them.

You finally find them all in a room together. It seems they are plotting something...
I'm looking for one or two artists for this REVENUE SHARE project.

Character artist.
There are 6 characters in this game.
- 5 Male characters that all have the same proportions.
- 1 Female Character.
- All characters are wearing a variation of the Wellness center jumpsuit/tracksuit.

Background artist.
12 Locations. ( So far )
• Wellness center corridor.
• Cafeteria
• Lounge
• Spa
• Changing room.
• Zen interior garden.
• Generic Bedroom 01
• Generic Bedroom 02
• Basement corridor.
• Basement tech room.
• Exterior dome building view
• Elevator corridor level 01
• Elevator corridor Basement.

If this sounds like something you'd like to work on, please send me a private message with your portfolio. I'm definitely open to work with anyone, no matter the experience level as long as they have good work ethics and can deliver amazing art!

As I want us to find our own style, still, I'll just post a few reference images.
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Re: [Rev-share]an unusual Otome type drama looking for artist

#2 Post by TheGreenOreo » Tue Jan 15, 2019 4:22 pm

Hello! I'm no expert, but i can help you guys with the art if needed! https://drive.google.com/open?id=1cUTT9 ... F0kmdmLxHg

I'm still removing and updating things from the document listed above, just to clarify!
I do art, and i sometimes write. That's about it.

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Re: [Rev-share]an unusual Otome type drama looking for artist

#3 Post by kirlySenpai » Thu Jan 17, 2019 4:04 pm

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Re: [Rev-share]an unusual Otome type drama looking for artist

#4 Post by nobutsuna » Wed Feb 06, 2019 6:44 am

hello there, pm sent ^^
Guten tag, folks!
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