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[REV-SHARE] [TEMP CLOSED] for Astarota [Arcanepunk] [16+] [Mobile]

Posted: Fri May 10, 2019 2:53 pm
by Hazel-Bun
Hello! You all know me as Hazel-Bun around here, but I've recently changed my pen name to Zelda Knight. I've found the core team for this commercial project! If proofreaders, editors, and voice actors would like to drop me a note, please do so!

ASTAROTA is an arcanepunk mobile app aimed at older teens in development. Arcanepunk is a sub-genre of fantasy fiction blending non-divine magic and science. Like the chat story Lifeline, the player interacts with mythical creatures through text, images, and speech. Interactive CGs are unlocked based on affection levels between the player and characters like Love & Poke.


Point n' Click
Message System #1
Message System #2
Turn-Based Combat (Example)
Astarota Art Sample (16+ for Nudity)


Discord: zknight #3119
Email: aurelialeoco [at]
Twitter: @AureliaLeoS

Re: [REV-SHARE] Recruiting (1) Programmer and (1) BG Artist for Astarota [Arcanepunk] [16+] [Mobile]

Posted: Mon May 13, 2019 2:43 am
by GoyaMunoz
Hi there, can I still apply for BG artist role?
I attached my latest art I'm working on, but here is the link ( of BG works in my website excluding my current project. I can do both semi-realism BG or anime BG if you want.

Also btw, I create my BG in 3D as well before coloring and rendering with Photoshop/sai. This way, I can offer a deal in doing other perspective and version of the scene. Just wanna let you know just in case you'd need something like that.

I'm also more upfront payment (50% on creating linearts, 50% after color and rendering), but a mixture of up-front and rev-share is possible.

For character arts, i had work on story app before. For Immediate sample, please see some story trailer art I made.
I'm sharing this since I don't really have sprite samples yet for VN, so if ever you or you know anyone who needs sprite in a really cheap price range, kindly let me know :) ... -the-blind

Other samples can be seen below


I'm more active in discord and email by the way,
you can reach me here GoyaMunoz#8155 and

Re: [REV-SHARE] Recruiting (1) BG Artist for Astarota [Arcanepunk] [16+] [Mobile]

Posted: Wed Jun 19, 2019 11:49 pm
by Hazel-Bun
Hi GoyaMunoz,

Sorry, but I can only do rev-share at the moment.