Looking for a team to complete an RPG where the hero controls time.

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Looking for a team to complete an RPG where the hero controls time.

#1 Post by zeroTheHero » Sun May 26, 2019 3:32 am

I've been building a game bit by bit over the past year and I've finally reached the point where I feel I can invite people to join me without wasting their time.
About the game:
In short; The game is a story driven CYOA with a twist on the usual turn based system, leading to battles that are reactive as well as narratively abstracted, making the player think he has unlimited options and making the game feel more like reading an high octane action novel.
I've set up a github page for the project where you can find more info on the plot, gameplay and more. (PS browse with desktop, the mobile version doesn't show images properly and needs fixing).
About me:
I’m a jack of all trades. I’ll be handling programming and a part of the artwork for the game, and after one of them is done I’ll switch over to creating music. That being said I am still a ‘jack’ of everything, so if you’re someone who’s good at your craft and are interested in the project please drop me a message; I can switch to another workload and make room for you.
People I need:
Basically, I need at least one other person to help me finish the game, so we'll start once an artist or writer joins! (preferably both :P) There's a team section in the link above, but in short this is what you might be doing:
**Writer**: You'll be inventing worlds and personalities, instilling charm and mystique in them and bringing things to life. It takes effort in building a world, and co-creating it would make it an exercise in fun rather than frustration. Besides, with all the pies I’ll have my finger in I’m afraid I won’t have enough time to dedicate to creating the world and give it justice, so I really need someone to help me not make a shallow, paper-thin world with cliche characters.
*Programmer*: Honestly, if you’ve ever used CSS and know how to instantiate classes, you’re enough. We’ll be working in Ren’py as it's fast, flexible and has everything we need to build good UIs, enemy AI and more.
*Artist*: Fast and loose sketches on a small (200 X 200) canvas. If you're good at drawing gesture or emotion or understand perspective you'd be enough. Some of the things you might have on your plate are-
1. Character designs
2. Menus and UIs
3. Motion Animation (think old school pokemon games)
4. Background art
Music: I haven’t worked on the finer details but I’m not shooting for the stars. I can make some good tracks on my lonesome if I *ahem* closely emulate some of the pieces I have in mind. The styles I’ll be trying to compose in include neo-folk, celtic, irish and a touch of electro swing, so if you’re interested drop a message.
Goal: To make the building blocks of the game and a trailer.
Timeline: It might take a week for all of us to get on the same page, but we should be done in 3 weeks. If all goes well we should be done by the 20th of June.
There's a lot more info in the link I've provided, so if this looks interesting you might wanna check that out as well. Honestly, I'm just tired of making this alone, it would be nice to have someone to talk to and share ideas with as right now I'm just making small prototypes and then tossing it in the trash because it doesn't look right and my assets are inadequate to capture the look and feel of the game in my head. I have been holding off from requesting help for months as I was just an 'idea guy' with a concept, but now I have code, sketch designs and a few failed experiments and I know what's got to be done and how we're gonna do it. If someone joins I can at least guarantee that they won't be wasting their time and will be part of a team that finishes the game. And that's all I'm hoping atm, to learn how to make a good game that people would enjoy to play.
If you are interested, you can reach me at discord (clumsyninja4life#7821) or here on lemmasoft.
Hope you have a great day/night, dear netizen, and thanks for reading!

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Re: Looking for a team to complete an RPG where the hero controls time.

#2 Post by SpookySharma » Tue Jun 11, 2019 3:23 pm

Hello I would like to apply as a writer for your project.
SpookySharma :twisted:

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Re: Looking for a team to complete an RPG where the hero controls time.

#3 Post by ralu11 » Tue Jun 18, 2019 9:49 am

Hello, I would like to apply for drawing your characters. My style is manga/anime.
You can find commission info on my devianart.

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