[CLOSED][PAID][PARTNERSHIP] Sweet Elite is looking for artists to join the creative team! Sprites/CGs

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[CLOSED][PAID][PARTNERSHIP] Sweet Elite is looking for artists to join the creative team! Sprites/CGs

#1 Post by SweetElite » Sat Aug 31, 2019 3:32 pm

Hi everyone!

Sweet Elite is looking for an artist to join its team. We are an ongoing online visual novel that you can play at http://sweetelitegame.com :D
We are a small independent gaming development team based in Montreal, Canada. Our current project is Sweet Elite, an online romance/mystery visual novel with 10 love interests. We have over 18,000 registered players and we're looking to grow even more in the following years.

The team is as follows:

Lead/Main Writer - Serena
Main Artist - Ariel
Co-writer/Co-artist/Translator - Andreia
Designer/Video - Finn
Lead/Programmer - Olivier
Programmer - Rafael
Your job will be to assist our current artists with both the sprites and illustrations needed to release our chapters. This is a big project, with 10 love interests and a couple of side-characters. While we average around 2-4 CGs per chapter, there will be potentially more to do as the story progresses. All work will be gradual and adapted to your work pace, should you choose to become a long-term partner of ours.

You will have the choice between:
  • Being paid using your commission rates. In that case, we will pay you by individual sprite and CG. OR
  • Getting a negotiated percentage of relevant revenues (if you choose this option, you will become an official partner of the project! Hence why this will be posted in other parts of the recruitment forum.)
We are flexible in our negotiations for either options. The final artist(s) will be chosen based on a mix of skill, price and positive attitude. :D
The best way to contact the team is through email at sweetelitestaff@gmail.com. You may also use LemmaSoft's messaging system, DMing us on Instagram at @dulcetgames, or adding me, Serena, on Discord (pinkernox #3066). You can also reply to this thread and showcase some of your work to us, and we'll contact you. Please use whatever method you are more comfortable with, and if you have any questions, please feel free to ask us!
We are a small independent gaming studio focused on creating games with engaging stories and art! We focus on our players and truly love what we do.

Current project: http://www.sweetelitegame.com
Instagram: @dulcetgames
Twitter: @sweetelitegame
Email us: contact@sweetelitegame.com

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