[open][nsfw 18+][patreon/rev share] Messy Academy: visual novel - Need Writer for porn-character building-slice of life!

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[open][nsfw 18+][patreon/rev share] Messy Academy: visual novel - Need Writer for porn-character building-slice of life!

#1 Post by princessbridget1999 » Mon Sep 23, 2019 5:57 am



Messy Academy is a 18+ erotic/porn diaper visual novel that is 60% diapered, sex acts and porn. with 40% slice of life, general story and character building. It's got sexual themes, sex acts and more related around diapers and actual sex, etc. Through the game leading to the end.

Players will take the role of Brandon, a young man who managed to hack and find a loophole within the academies computer system. He adds his name, along with his two friends to the student list, knowing that the academy would be breaking it's contract by refusing to accept them. But why go through all that trouble to get into an all girl's school? Well in order for him to get the best chances of getting a girlfriend and losing his virginity of course!

But these boys quickly learn that the school has a very unique and padded rule in order to attend.. Asking themselves how can this academy run with these rules and should someone stop them or is it all harmless fun?

How progressed is the project? Is it new?

The project is in the middle of being readjusted a bit, but leading up to this readjustment. The original idea was for the game to span 10 chapters, with free days between that are as big as each chapter too. (roughly 10k word count per chapter if not more) and with that idea, we were just about ready to get into chapter 3 for progress (since starting work back in Oct.) The readjusting of the game is being setup in a different way as it wasn't focusing as much on the sex act/porn side of things as it needed.

The new Ideal focus and what you can expect to work on before things go back to normal by mid/late Jan. The chapter system is being scrapped to turn the events within chapter 1 and 2 of the game into Day 1, Day 2, etc. As the game would benefit much better with this ideal in mind. This means that some events from the current game need minor adjusting with dialogue, text, actions, etc. There will be some new events added to help pace things better, but we're trying to not add extra work for this adjustment to existing content. Each Day consists of 3 "sections" (Mon-Fri are active school days) (Sat-Sun non-active) During weekdays, one section is classroom (not limited to listening to a teacher's boring speeches during it.) two sections of hanging out, checking things, doing stuff. (slice of life nature). Weekends (Saturday) acts as a "Free day" where the game play is open roam during Morning, Noon and Afternoon on where to hangout and who to spend time with. (Sunday) acts the same as weekdays, just without active school going on.

There is currently roughly 15-16 Days that need to be looked through one by one to adjust, as a writer. You'll be expected to help adjust things and offer any expanded ideas or thoughts towards this content. Once the game has been adjusted and updated by mid/late Jan. We can all expect to go back to how we normally do updates before this adjustment which is. (write up 2-3 days (6-9 sections) consists of roughly 4-5k words. free day content roughly the same 2-3 character's Morning, Noon and Afternoon sections done. Don't worry, we're not asking you to do both main 2-3 days AND 2-3 character's free day. (That would be chaotic) While you're doing this, our editor will help proofread and fix grammar, help beef up dialogue if needed. I'll be transferring the text into engine and making sure everything visually for the game plays out smoothly. Our artists will continue doing their thing to offer new art with updates.

What about payment for my work or services?

The team shares it's form of payment based on patreon rev share currently. While that rev share isn't exactly the highest (avg around 80-120usd per month), we do wish to get a kickstarter put together shooting for spring time 2020. This would allow help for art funding big time, but also supply some better income for our programmer (me) and our writer (you). The exact rev share % is roughly 25-30% of the monthly total, payment is sent on the final day of each month through paypal.

You mentioned a team? How many are working on this?

As mentioned, the project has been worked on for the last 2-3 months and in that time we have gathered a small team together for the project. Myself as our director/programmer (base characters and story written up by me, adjusted with time with help from another writer.) Our previous writer, which due to the nature of the game leaning towards sex/porn and less deep story focus. Has stepped down. (hence seeking a new writer and being up front more hopefully). Our character sprite artist Lisadikaprio. (has 4 of 10 sprites finished) and CG artist l4no-shiro. (has 5-6 CG scenes done, has started during mid Nov.) Other work that needs done to finish the game will come later, in forms of one time commission payment. Like music, gui art, etc.

So how long will this project last before completed roughly?

With the updates set at every 2 weeks, Ideally it'll be done by Q4 2020.

(We update the game every 2 weeks currently, but this might change to new update every month. Doesn't change our expected finish date.)

Writer/proof reader/idea bouncer role:

*Requirements for this role*

(0)-Ideally use discord, not required to use voice. But the rest of our team all uses it to address anything related to the project and makes for easy discussion between myself, editor and writer. Instead of me acting as the middle man directing messages between everyone.

(1)-Someone with a good background of native English, has some good history with writing.
(2)-Someone who has enough time to at least write out 4-5k word count (roughly) every 2 weeks. (It could be a little less, depending on the scene play. This keeps us around a goal of 8-10k word count in progress each month.)
(3)-Must be comfortable with writing sexual and porn, diaper related dialogue/story. Good with comedy slice of life, general school life and world/character building. (last one isn't as deeply as you might think for this series.)
(4)-Must be able to bounce ideas with me to come up with scenarios, events and general scenes that could fit in through the game. (I'll be helping the direction of main focus plot points leading to the end of the game. But there's much between all that for plenty of things to show up with the themes of the game.)
(5)-Extra plus if you enjoy diaper stuff or porn smut style stuff, which help bring out the feel for these themes. (not fully required but would be a big plus)

*What to expect for work?*

(1)-Help write out the scenes, story, character dialogue, events and help bounce ideas a bit with us. (this includes a bit of character/world building. some of which is already started and setup for you to expand on.)
(2)-Fix any spelling/grammar mistakes either before or after updates. (Ideally before update) (editor will be helping in this regard mostly.)
(3)-Expected roughly about 100k+ word count by the end of the project. (4-5k word count every 2 weeks or 8-10k word count in one month)

*Extra info!*

While I have set goals in mind and will have things very clear about the direction and aspects with the project's story, characters, character building, etc. It should be noted that I'm pretty easy going and get along with people quickly. I do allow open freedom in what can be written, but clearly there is some stuff that is set in stone and can't be changed around. Suggestions to story pieces through the game, character building on top of their existing profiles, etc. If it's written and feels like it could use some extra touch, by all means suggest and offer your mind! :) I'll of course be directing the direction of things in the end if there's something that won't fit right, but I'm not that hard to work with, I promise! <3

Before jumping right into writing for the project, there's a good amount of written stuff to help you get a fairly good sense of how these characters interact with others and any details needed for characters and world building has been put together with much love! I'll supply you with much of this information in our chat about joining.

Contact through private message on here is best! Check Patreon link at top for a good idea of how the project visually looks, current game downloads are for free on there too!
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Re: [open][nsfw 18+][patreon/rev share] Messy Academy: visual novel - Need Writer for porn-character building-slice of l

#2 Post by princessbridget1999 » Fri Dec 06, 2019 9:09 am

Recently updated! As of today, our previous writer while very amazing. Sadly thought it best to step down from the project. While it does suck, there isn't hard feelings and I look forward to working with them on something more suited for them in the future once this project is done. :)

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