I need a few custom BGs for my demo [for free or not]

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I need a few custom BGs for my demo [for free or not]

#1 Post by beastcarving » Sat Oct 05, 2019 8:15 pm

If you are interested let me know.
Scenery/backgrounds that I'll need for now.
1- I need an outdoor restaurant drawn at night. It needs lantern lights and small red green and white clothes. All tables need a basket of red roses and candles. One table should be close up in point of view for the date.
2- I need a wore out basement with a cracked with ingrown plants busting through it. Not lights, just a small window on the ground as a source of light.
3- I also need a really small cave drawn with flowers growing from the ceiling of it only. This cave needs a small pond right in the middle of it.
4- I'll also need a large cave without a ceiling, letting in the sunlight, with a large body of water with barely any room the sit.
5- I'll need an office draw. Really neat large windows, and a lot of medal and rewards on the wall an insane amount.
6- I'll need a very small room that looks like an indoor tent with long clothes spouting around all four walls. One chair in the middle of the room and symbolic items strung up surrounding the chair, hanging for the ceiling like bones, feathers, potion bottles, dead flowers, headphones, small light bulbs, rabbit's foot. On the floor, there should be items in glass jars like a brain, dried flowers, things like that this room is partially storage for items like that.

This is the game:https://beastcarving.itch.io/ybr-a-visu ... icial-demo if you can make the BGs slightly match the style that would be great too. If you are interested email me at Beastcarving@yahoo.com

Thanks for listening,
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