Life Simulator Engine -- designers wanted!

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Life Simulator Engine -- designers wanted!

#1 Post by LogicalDash » Sun Dec 01, 2019 1:56 pm

Game designer wanted to make the first game in a new kind of game engine for life simulators.

Unpaid, but with the possibility of royalties. Requires intermediate Python programming ability, but I'll help with the code.

The Life Simulator Engine ("LiSE," pronounced like "lies") is a rules-based engine for game logic. It helps manage the complex world state that makes life sims so interesting by putting it in a state container, allowing you to browse the entire history of the game as you please, as well as answer questions about the history, without needing to write any extra code to keep track of things as they are happening.

The interface for playing the game will be menu-driven, along the lines of The King of Dragon Pass. The development of this first game will drive the development of a reusable set of interface widgets for games like it, and your decisions as a designer will affect the experience of the next generation of LiSE users.

All interested parties contact:

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