[18+/NSFW] GxB Revenge Otome Game - Looking for Co-Writer

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[18+/NSFW] GxB Revenge Otome Game - Looking for Co-Writer

#1 Post by Chiyori » Wed Feb 05, 2020 10:13 pm

Greetings I'm Chiyori (You can call me by my pen name Hana) and I've decided to finally create my long time wish of making a visual novel. I'm creating a visual novel in a fantasy setting filled with betrayals, romance, and the ever possible character deaths. I am looking for a person that could co-write and help me organize this project more. I hope to bring this project to life and complete it sometime around December of this year or May of next, depending on our work schedules.

Looking for:
Co-Writer (help develop that plot into a full timeline, proofread, help organize)

Because I'm a broke college student, I won't be able to offer much for payment (if anything really). However if anyone is interested in this then we might do a kickstarter to fund the rest of the project, so money could be involved. Volunteers are welcome as well!

Basic Plot
The main heroine had a little brother named Oscar. He was the one thing in the world that brought her joy. Unfortunately when she returned home from a mission, he was sacrificed by their uncle to raise the queen of monsters (Main Antagonist). However her uncle also stole most of her magical power to complete the spell - essentially leaving her a husk of her former self. This trauma caused her to lose most of her emotions, to which she only feels vengeance in her heart for what he did. Abigail now is on a hellbent path to kill her uncle for revenge on her brother's behalf.

WARNING: The topic of this game will be 18+. This is due to the future topics and scenes such as the language used, and the sexual, violence, and blood shown in CGs.

Main Characters (So Far)
There are plans to have four routes.
Main Character/Heroine
Name: Abigail (Changeable? Yes.)
Age: 21
Role: Former Magician - Elementalist (Monster - Vampire)
Archetype: Kuudere (Lacking emotions/Emotionless); can only express anger.
Personality: Abigail used to be a gentle, courageous girl that saute out the best in everyone. She would help the poor and take quests out to remote places and slay monsters where people were suffering. This all changed when her uncle betrayed her. Ever since having her mana forcibly stripped away from her and seeing her little brother dying in front of her, her emotions have become stagnant. She can no longer trust anyone and often tries to do things her own way rather than enlist the help of others.

1. Main Goal to kill her uncle that betrayed her and the monster that he awakened.
2. Have a proper burial for her brother.

Her brother was the single thing that she cherished from her days with her actual family. She promised to protect him in her parents stead during their funeral service. So when her uncle betrayed her by stealing her magic and killed her brother, that event completely traumatized her. Thus it set in motion the monster lying deep inside her. Never had she such strong emotions towards a person, she felt disgusted to even be related to him. Even when learning that the guild was behind this, she decided in her heart she would kill everyone involved with the resurrection of that monster.

Romance-able Characters
Age: 27
Role: Wandering Knight
Archetype: Mr. Optimistic, Serious Type

Born to a middle-class family, Christoph was raised as an average child. As a young boy, he learned and adopted his grandfather’s optimistic nature. His grandfather was known as the “King of Chivalry” due to his positive attitude towards life and his willingness to extend a helping hand to whoever needed it. Christoph wanted to emulate him, and inherit the title. Since then, he would always look at the bright side of everything, to the point that any form of negativity doesn’t seem to phase him.

At the age of 14, while out exploring the nearby woods of his village with his friends, they were attacked by a small pack of boars. Christoph managed to fend them off using nothing but a large stick as a makeshift sword, all while carrying a calming smile on his face. When word of this got to some local guards who were in the village, they scouted Christoph to train with the Royal Guard. After 5 years of training, Christoph became one of the youngest Royal Guard knights in the kingdom.

He would serve the Royal Guard for 8 years before deciding to take a leave of service. His reasoning behind his departure was to seek out adventure and explore the world. Even though he left, he said he would uphold the code of chivalry as a rogue knight.

Eventually, his travels would take him to Crossing Guild, where he encountered a certain mage...

1. To simply explore and discover all of Estria.
2. Uphold the Code of Chivalry and earn the right to inherit the title of “King of Chivalry”

The title of “King of Chivalry” carries behind it great meaning; to Christoph, it means carrying a noble heart of gold and always looking towards the future. To always be ready, weapon in hand, to defend the people of the country from monster tyranny. Christoph sees it as a symbol of hope for the people and wants it to be passed down through each generation.
Age: 24
Role: Petty Thief
Archetype: Coward, Playboy

It’s not as if Grelle was born poor. Forced into an unfortunate circumstance and given a choice to steal or survive. In this world some things just stick. For some cosmic reason some people have a natural aptitude, and things just stick. Well, stealing stuck to Grelle as well as valuables stuck to his fingers. A natural born savant with hands that move independent of his own wishes. Because of this habit, Grelle is something of an unwitting world traveler. Trying his best to escape the angry mob he leaves at every refuge. Never one for a long stay, Grelle finds himself far from home.

For as long as Grelle began this nomadic lifestyle he has been developing a laissez faire attitude to match. Watching as the world unfolds around him and always taking a moment to smell the flowers. Unless he has to make a hasty retreat, which Grelle is always ready for. The first to leave once danger strikes. His history with running has given him an almost neurotic need to retreat at any sign of danger, an aspect that at times butts heads with his usual lax way of living. At some point before the events of the story Grelle, deciding he had enough, turned himself in and was placed into the prison.

There he would encounter the heroine just when she gets locked up in jail...

1. To one day beat his “Sticky Finger Curse”.
2. To settle down and have a quiet life
3. To overcome his own cowardice (private goal that influences some character breaking moments such as joining the MC).

The self centered Grelle simply wants to get home for dinner safe and sound every night. Anything that stands in between that goal should be escaped from without hesitation. Is what he will say. Grelle seeks self improvement, and desires to be something more than the man he has fallen into being. But admitting that outright is embarrassing.

If you wish to contact me or, please contact me through my discord: Moca Buns#3192

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